Workout Tapes: Fonda or the Gym?

With the New Year quickly approaching, many Americans are planning on those New Year’s resolutions. A question many might have to consider is home workouts or gym workouts? The gym might seem like a natural choice for some, but home workouts offer a bit of an alternative for those experiencing anxiety around going to the gym or who don’t want to shell out the cash for a gym membership. Does this sound like you? Read on to discover all of your options and make an educated decision about your fitness journey come January 1st!

What to Consider When Making A Fitness Plan

When making a fitness plan this year, try setting achievable, realistic goals. You won’t be likely to hit the gym every single day, and it’s unrealistic for everyone to afford the newest boutique class. Figuring out what you want out of your fitness before you make any financial decisions is an excellent step to take– especially if this is your first crack at getting fit.


The gym, on the one hand, has lots of equipment and training available to its patrons. You’ll have access to personal trainers, pools, and in some cases, saunas and other luxury items, all available to you with one membership! On the other hand, though, you’ll likely have to make another stop in an otherwise busy day, interact with others, and go out of your way to work out. Depending on what your needs are, the gym can be a great way to stick to your fitness goals and achieve them using a variety of tools and pieces of equipment.

Home Workouts

Want to make a small investment that will have a significant impact? Try home workouts! You can buy workout videos, a jump rope or yoga mat, and get to work. While this is an inexpensive option, it can be hard to follow through on. You also don’t have some of the social resources, like personal trainers, fitness classes, and gym friends, to fall back on if you need help. Also, you also have no way of knowing if your form is incorrect, and you can end up hurting yourself.

A Good Gym Option: Local YMCA

If you’re looking for just equipment, basic, introductory classes, or even personal training at some locations, the YMCA is an excellent option for you. It offers the best of all worlds at an inexpensive price tag. There are programs for the whole family at YMCA’s, too, making exercising and staying healthy a family affair, if applicable. If you’re looking for some of the higher-budget parts of a gym, impeccable new equipment, or specialty classes, a YMCA might not be your best option. But for following through on your New Year’s resolutions, getting the entire family out of the house this winter, or just staying trim this year, the YMCA can’t be beaten.

A Good Home Workout Option: A Set of Dumbbells and An App

For the gym option, the YMCA rules when it comes to value. But if you want to work out at home, a versatile set of dumbbells and an app to give you some guidance can’t be beaten. A collection of dumbbells will run you anywhere from $5-$15, more if you want to get fancy. An app might cost you a couple of bucks, as well, but may free exercise options exist. For strength and resistance training, there are exercises that you can do to work every muscle group with only a set of dumbbells. In the way of cardio, you’ve got running, jogging, biking, and even dancing as convenient options for keeping your heart healthy and happy–no treadmill required!

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