Woman is Charged After Her Pit Bull Runs Lose, But Charges Are Dropped When Cops Find This

Pit bulls don’t have it very easy. Even though so many people speak to their good nature and loving personalities, it’s impossible to deny that this breed has a pretty bad reputation.


For one woman, convincing other people that pit bulls were smart and compassionate seemed impossible. Unfortunately, when her own dog broke free from their home one day, a series of unfortunate events followed. This woman was charged, but the cops didn’t have the full story …yet.

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Pit Bulls

The name ‘pit bull’ is given to a specific breed of dog that has descended from bulldogs and terriers. There is a wide range of pit bulls, making them hard to categorize into their own concrete groups.

In history, many of the breeds that are put under the pit bull label were raised as fighting dogs, or bull-baiting dogs. The strong creatures would hold onto the faces of heads of larger animals and use their brute strength to latch on.

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Finding New Jobs

There was no denying that a pit bull could harness a very aggressive attitude if it was taught to do so. However, they were also very intelligent and resilient, making them perfect for farm jobs.

Pit bulls could be taught to organize cattle and hogs or to hunt and drive livestock. In the past, put bulls were seemed more as working dogs, as opposed to family dogs. Additionally, when the use of dogs in blood sport was legal, many people picked pit bulls for their brute strength and taught aggression.

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A Bad Reputation

Unfortunately for the pit bull, it wasn’t long before people were making assumptions about the common behaviors and personalities of this type of breed.

Not only that, but pit bulls are often associated with having owners who are more likely to be involved in criminal acts and illegal activities. For many people, a strong, large pit bull can be a simple way to protect their personal belongings and to make themselves look “tougher”. However, the stigma around pit bulls is unfair.

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The Stigma

Owners of pit bulls these days often speak to a much different pit bull than we have learned to know. Many people express that the pit bull breed is more loving and compassionate than any other.

These owners are in a constant battle with the greater society; it has proven difficult for people to change their minds about pit bulls and where they belong in the pet world. In some states, pit bulls are banned from being household pets.

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What’s in a Name?

A few organizations have tried to improve the chances of pit bull adoption by changing their name. Two organizations, in particular, have tried to use “St. Francis Terriers” and “New Yorkies”.

Unfortunately, the greater opinion of society pushed back on the idea. Many people have a biased opinion about the pit bull behavior, and the prefer that their friends, families, and other animals aren’t exposed to this breed at all. Science has tried to figure out if pit bulls are in fact more prone to attacking and poor behavior.

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No Evidence

A variety of tests have been completed, in order to find out if pit bulls are in fact more likely to attack than other breeds. As of yet, there is no substantial evidence to support this.

The literature on this type of study has also explained that breed alone is not sufficient enough decider about whether or not a dog will be aggressive. Controlled studies have been done, and pit bulls have never been identified as disproportionately dangerous.

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In the United States, all it really comes down to is knowing your dog and being responsible. Dog owners can be held legally responsible for any injuries inflicted or caused by their dog, regardless of the breed.

Dog owners can be charged if they have been unreasonably careless while handling or restraining their dog, or if they do not take the proper precautions with a dog that had demonstrated aggressive behaviour in the past. This is for all dogs, not just pit bulls.

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Serena Costello

Serena Costello is a proud mother and a hard-working woman in her community. She lives with her four-year-old daughter, in a cozy home in Tuckahoe, New York.

Serena has created a safe and healthy home for her daughter, and works hard to provide her with everything she needs in life. As a single mother, the woman is proud to be able to say that she could create a happy home where both she and her daughter feel safe and secure.

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Guard Dog

Serena might not have an alarm hooked up to her house, but it’s not really necessary. The woman feels completely safe knowing that her loving guard dog is always on duty.

The dog’s name is Sadie, and she is an 11-year-old pit bull. She weighs about 60 pounds, and she boasts a beautiful brown and white coat of fur. If ever there was a burglar approaching the house, Serena knows that Sadie would be the first one to let thieves know they’d picked the wrong place.

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Puddle of Goo

For anyone who knows Sadie, they know that she’s mostly talk and no action. She loves to be cuddled, and she lovingly follows Serena’s little daughter all around the house.

Sadie is passionate about her owners, and she loves anyone who they bring home to her. Sadie will happily jump up onto the couch and demand a belly rub from anyone who will give one to her. Many people who come over are surprised by how gentle and funny Sadie is.

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Standing Up for Sadie

Serena knows all too well that there is a stigma around pit bulls. Oftentimes she’ll see people cross the street if she’s approaching with her furry pride and joy.

It’s not all bad—Serena likes to think that people who are properly-educated about pit bulls will know that they’re as approachable as any other dog. It also doesn’t hurt that Sadie has grown up in a loving home that has never exposed her to neglect or danger.

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Home Alone

On any given day, Serena and her daughter would be out of the house, both at school and at work. This wasn’t a problem for Sadie—she was well-trained and happy to guard her family’s home.

Serena never had to worry about her pooch; in all her eleven years of life, Sadie had never tried to break out of the house, and she had never tried to run away. Any time that Serena left the pit bull unattended, she knew that the house would be in order when she got back.

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A Different Day

It was a Wednesday afternoon around 3:30 PM, and something wasn’t right at home. Serena had no idea—her and her daughter were out of the house, and none the wiser.

However, Sadie the pit bull was at home, and she could sense that something was amiss. Serena will never forget the phone call she got that day—not only was her dog on the loose, but her house was in shambles. What had happened in the short time she was gone?

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Not Right

Back at home, Sadie was likely lounging around on the couch or people watching out the window. It was around 3:30 when it assumed that that dog got wind of something in the house.

It wasn’t a burglar—but it wasn’t safe. Strangely enough, Sadie the pit bull seemed to sense an invisible danger; one that Serena hadn’t noticed before she left home that morning. From the moment that the dog sensed something, she was distraught.

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Leaving Now

It is believed that Sadie likely sensed that she was in some kind of immediate danger. With all of the doors locked and no one at home, the dog began to scratch at the front door to get someone’s attention.

Of course, no one outside of the house would have been paying attention—nor would they have the means to help. Sadie likely spent a great deal of time scratching at the front door; the wooden frame quickly starting to break up into splinters and chunks on the floor.

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Not Giving Up

It was clear from the evidence later found that Sadie had gone to great lengths to try and open up the front door—the door frame had blood on it from Sadie’s own paws.

Unfortunately, even after opening up some wounds on her paws, the pit bull wasn’t able to break free from the house. Still, the dog had a serious urge to get out of the house, so she turned her attention to a door at the back of the house instead.

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Smart Sadie

The back door didn’t have a functioning lock, which was why Serena had placed a wooden stick behind the sliding door to block it. Luckily for Sadie, this wasn’t rocket science.

After a few attempts at bumping the door open, Sadie managed to nudge the wooden block out of the door frame. It’s likely she used her face to push the sliding door ajar, and finally open it just enough to break free. Once she was in the yard, the next challenge popped up.

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Not Enough

Finally, Sadie was able to get out into the backyard and out of the house. At this point, you’d assume she’d be content, but Sadie wasn’t near finished with her task.

Sadie not only wanted to get out of the house, but she wanted off the property! With a fence in her way, Sadie started her next task of ripping and chewing up the fencing to give herself a way out. All this time, Serena had no idea what was going on at home.

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Finally Free

Sadie was determined to get out of her yard, and within a short while, she successfully broke apart the fence and escaped. Now, Sadie was out on the dangerous streets without a leash.

Without knowing it, Sadie was immediately putting herself in a lot of danger. Not only was she now exposed to cars and other dangers, but Sadie was a pit bull— not everyone was going to be willing to welcome her into their homes or yards if she needed help.

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The Report

It wasn’t long after Sadie broke free from her home that people started to notice the unattended pit bull. For those who didn’t like the breed, they immediately picked up their phones.

The cops got a call about a loose pit bull, running wild along the streets and barking at the top of her lungs. She looked hyper and overly-excited, and most didn’t dare come out of their homes to approach her. No one was listening to Sadie.

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Listen to Me

Cops arrived at the scene, where they were told Sadie was running wild and causing a ruckus. Naturally, the owner of the dog would be charged for not having the dog controlled and on-leash.

When they found Sadie, she began barking and barking at the men. They tried multiple times to catch the 60-pound pit bull, but she was far too quick for their grasp. She danced circles around the men, wagging her tail and barking like it was just a game.

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Chase Me

Of course, the police knew that they couldn’t let the dog run around off-leash. They’d have to catch this pooch, whether it took them ten minutes or two hours.

Watching the dog, the police didn’t quite feel like she was just having fun. Rather, the dog was moving down the street, having the cops follow her every couple of feet. She clearly had a collar and identification tags, so the police played along. But what did she want from them?

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Made It

When Sadie was finally back on her own property, she willed the policemen to follow her. The group of men were understandably confused and hoped the owner would be home.

Unfortunately, Serena was still nowhere to be found. Luckily, they could now use the address to get her contact information. The police were finally able to capture Sadie, but they would have to do a check of the house to see how she got out. They were immediately in awe.

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Something Is Off

The policemen made it into the backyard of the home, not before noticing that Sadie had gotten through the backyard fencing. They headed towards the back door, and that’s when they saw it.

The back door to the kitchen was ajar—it could have been the dog, but they had to investigate just in case. The policemen walked up to the door and got another shocking surprise that they hadn’t noticed before—they smelled gas.

This case got stranger and stranger.


The policemen were immediately alerted to the strong smell of gas, that was clearly coming from somewhere in the house. Had someone left the stove on?

Upon further investigation, the authorities found that a gas leak was slowly emitting itself out of the basement. The entire house had the smell of gas in it now, and the men immediately knew that they were in danger. The fire department was immediately called to deal with the gas leak in the basement.

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Coming Home

When Serena got the call, she and her daughter immediately made their way home. The gas had been shut off and the house was being aired out, but there was a lot of damage.

Unfortunately, Sadie had caused all kinds of damage to the front door, as well as the backyard fencing. On top of all that, the policemen had written up a summons, which would see Serena in the court of law for having an unleashed dog in the area.

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Making Things Right

Serena couldn’t believe it. After going through the house with the officers, they all began to put two and two together. Sadie wasn’t just breaking free—she was trying to get away from danger!

The cops couldn’t possibly charge this woman when her dog was merely trying to stay alive. An explosion could have occurred at any moment! The cops were happy to rip up the summons right away, giving Sadie a break after such a traumatic experience.

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In interviews after, Serena couldn’t help but get emotional about her little pit bull. She was so grateful for her dog, and for her bravery during the events that took place.

In Serena’s mind, Sadie didn’t stop in the backyard—she kept going so that she could go get help. The owner feels in her heart that her pit bull purposely got those police, to save both her family and her home. Sadie had been dubbed a hero, and Serena knows she’d do it again.

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