All the Wellness Tech Making Headlines at CES

Early January means that Las Vegas is playing home to the glittery Consumer Electronics Show, where companies around the world show off their latest and greatest technological creations. Increasingly, those companies center around health and wellness. While all sorts of subscription services, mechanical breast pumps, and pH skin patches might not be able to compete with Apple or Google, they are still an essential part of the crowd. 

Breast Pumping Doesn’t Skip a Beat

A crowd favorite at CES 2017, Willow, a cordless breast pump that is small enough to fit inside a bra, returns this year with Willow 2.0. The initial version had a steep learning curve and could lead to injury, said users. Now, though, Willow has some competition: UK startup Elvie: a newly released quiet, in-bra breast pumper.

L’Oreal Releases New pH Based Skin Patches

Beauty and tech don’t have to be different industries! L’Oreal Paris announced the development of a set of patches that will tell you your pH level and recommend products from their line to treat your skin problems. A first iteration that debuted last year showed the impact of UV light on your skin.

Smart Sleep Snoring Relief Band

Released by electronics giant Phillips, designers intended the Smart Sleep Snoring Relief Band to go across your chest and help you reduce snoring. When you roll to your side, the band will encourage you to move onto your back to avoid snoring. The discreet band fits around your chest to help you decrease snoring in a hush-hush manner.

Senior Citizens Get a Not-So-Furry Friend

ElliQ, a robot designed for senior citizens, debuted at CES this year. It’s designed to respond to its owner. Relatives can keep tabs on their elderly family members conditions through ElliQ as well, making it a truly revolutionary piece of technology.

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