Wellness Around the World: Big-City Wellness Tourism

Want to take a destination vacation for your health? Increasingly, more and more cities are playing host to what is now known as “wellness tourism.” From bicycle classes in Brooklyn to Zumba in Zambia, heading abroad to get the newest fitness experiences is becoming a huge trend. Here are just a few of the destinations that have popped up recently that you can expect to see make waves in a growing industry.


The Willam Vale: Winter Spa, New York City

Located in Brooklyn, this popup outdoor spa located in six tents on an outdoor terrace promises to deliver a unique wellness experience. Services offered by the resort include rejuvenating your skin with a sauna and cryofacials; which blast nitrogen-cooled air onto your face. While New York City isn’t the first thing that might come to mind when you think of a wellness destination, NYC has increasingly played host to some of the most cutting-edge wellness technology.

Skinwork Haybarn: London, England

If you want to head just across the pond to take in some traditional English culture, try setting aside a day or two for some wellness tourism of your own. Skinwork, a recently-opened international location of a new LA-based spa, promises a signature facial and soon-to-release line of skincare products. After your facial, try eating at some of the healthy, plant-based eateries in the area, like Farmacy, Tart London, the East London Juice Co, to complete your wellness tourist experience.

Habita: Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico was one of the earliest adopters of wellness tourism–they started marketing their wellness destinations as early as 2014. This rapid adoption paid off in the form of the largest global market share today. While there are lots of wellness destinations in sunny Mexico, Habita, a Mexican hotel chain, offers some of the most upscale spa and hotel experiences in the country. Are you looking for a break? Try their flagship location in Mexico City, the country’s capital.

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