Wearable Madness: All the New Fitness Leaks Disclosed Last Week

Samsung accidentally releases a new set of earbuds, a sports watch, and two fitness watches, Fitbit releases their cheapest fitness band ever, and a Google wearable fitness band might be on the horizon–all in a week! Here are a few of the biggest stories in wearable technology that you might have missed last week.


Samsung’s Accidental Release

Developers at Samsung accidentally spilled the beans on a few top-secret projects with the last release of the Galaxy Wearables app. The app’s release, which included updates to the ways things like their pre-existing Samsung Galaxy Watch works, also added a few hidden surprises. Users found themselves shocked by the four extra products included in the last update–which included a pair of smart earbuds like Apple’s Air Pods, a new sports watch, and two different fitness trackers, the Galaxy Fit and the Galaxy Fit e. Expect Samsung to release more information about the latest tech at their Galaxy Unpacked event Wednesday of this week.

Fitbit Releases Cheapest Fitness Tracker Yet

After no media coverage and no big unveiling, Fitbit released two new fitness trackers, the Inspire and Inspire HR. The catch? These two new models are only available for purchase through insurance companies. The Inspire features a swim-proof display, call and text notifications, goal alerts, and can display calories burned and a count of the steps you’ve taken. The Inspire HR does all that while also tracking heart rate and sleep.

Google’s Job Posting Might Mean a New Fitness Tracker

Google wants to get into the wearable technology market, new job postings reveal. Two postings, one for the “VP of Hardware Engineering for Wearables” and another for the “Wearables Design Manager,” point to new wearable technology projects coming out in the future. While Google does have one wearable technology project currently released (the Pixel Buds, which many consider a flop,) this posting might mean Google is trying to get an edge in the saturated wearable technology market.

Have a question about any of these or a news story you would like to see us cover? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts!


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