When You Should Use a Travel Agent, and When You Should Book Without

With the emergence of online travel websites, you might think that booking a travel agent is a waste of time, but that is not always the case. The internet is great for some things, but when it comes to saving you money, a travel agent can be an excellent ally.

Although it can be tempting to pull up a website and get a quick online deal, taking a few extra moments to call your local travel agent might be worth the time. But, when travel agents sell everything from lodging to transportation, group trips, and cruises, it can be difficult to determine when to use one.

Planning an individual or group trip can be overwhelming. So, before you go straight to the internet you should know when you should, and when you should not book with a travel agent. With this guide, you can quickly determine the best route to take, and be on the road to your next vacation.

When to Use a Travel Agent

There are a variety of benefits that you will receive when you book with a travel agent that you will not receive online. For starters, a travel agent is a live person who is going to be an advocate for you, which means if anything goes wrong, they will fix the problem. Also, travel agents will handle all of your arrangements and take all the stress out of your vacation plans.

With the arrival of online travel agencies, however, the career has become somewhat archaic, but there are still times when you should book with an agent. If you are planning on taking any of these trips, you should consider consulting an agent.


Group Travel

If you are traveling with a large group, perhaps for a corporate function, or maybe a wedding, then you might need to reserve blocks of rooms. It can get even more complicated if you are trying to coordinate hotel, airline, and rental car reservations for a large group.

Also, when you are dealing with a corporate retreat or a social function, the best way to ensure that your day of events goes off without a hitch, is to have an itinerary, which usually involves a seasoned professional. Travel agents are experienced in organizing large groups, and they have contacts that can negotiate discounted room rates for larger groups.

Travel Agent 1

International Travel

When you are traveling out of the country, it is never a good idea to handle the booking through a third party booking site. Destination travel can be complicated and requires visas, passports, and other paperwork, which you must have in order prior to travel. If you have the knowledge of an experienced professional, you will ensure you have all your ducks in a row and that you arrive safely.

Remember, you are traveling to a foreign country, where you have never been before, and the last thing you want to do is end up stranded. A seasoned travel agent will come equipped with plenty of questions and will gather a wealth of information before booking your trip to ensure that you travel safely.

Undecided Trips

Have you ever wanted to go on vacation, but you don’t know where you want to go? There is no better place to turn to in this instance then a travel agent. If you hop online, you might find yourself redirected and easily overwhelmed, but a travel agent has experience in the industry and knows how to narrow down your choices.

Booking Cruises

If you are going to go on a destination cruise, you can book directly through the cruise line, but it is best to book through a travel agent. It might seem like an easy feat to book a cruise, but there are several different things that you must consider before you reserve your trip.

For starters, you need to select an appropriate itinerary, followed by the correct ports, and then you have to navigate through the many different room rates. A travel professional has a wealth of experience booking cruises and can easily help you in making these decisions.

When You Can Book Without a Travel Agent

Travel Agent 2

We now know that travel agents can be a great asset for a variety of different trips that you may take throughout your life. You can always keep that in your back pocket for when you take your next dream vacation, but there are also times when an agent is not necessary, and you can book things on your own. Here are some of the times, when you can book online, and forgo the need for a travel agent:

Airline Flights Only

When you are just taking a quick flight to visit a friend or family member and it does not involve anything complicated, you can handle this on your own. There are several discounted websites available that allow you to book an airline flight, or you can book directly through your airline of choice.

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