Top Nutrition Trends for 2019

With the new year comes dieting, exercise trends, and fancy new meals. Whether you’re choosing foods that will help prevent irritable bowel flare-ups, eating according to the paleo diet, or trying dairy-free options, there are new options available for you! New brands and food distributors are exploding onto the supermarket scene. Here are some of the top grocery-store nutrition trends coming onto the health scene.

Pea Protein

With more and more people suffering from nutrient deficiencies, products with added nutrients and minerals are becoming commonplace. While most products feature added protein, iron, or vitamins, there are products that you can add to your meals to increase their nutritional value. In that vein, pea protein is becoming a staple not just in health stores, but in your average supermarket too! You can add it to salads, soups, and eat it straight as a snack. There are different blends that you can add to trail mixes and other snacks, as well. Look for it in the international or snack sections of your local supermarket or specialty grocery store!

Diet-Friendly Substitutes

On the paleo or Whole30 diet? There are more substitutes available for you! While many people on the paleo diet reach for nut flours, like coconut and almond, there are now nut-free alternatives available! Cassava flour, made from the cassava root, is a much-needed, nut-free alternative for people following the paleo diet. Its fine texture and light taste make it an excellent option for anyone, but especially people with nut allergies, following the paleo diet. 

Eating to Combat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

For some Americans, foods like wheat, apples, dairy, and beans can cause what’s known as irritable bowel syndrome. Irritable bowel syndrome comes with bowel pain, gas, bloating, and other ailments. Sufferers can adjust their eating patterns and choose diets, like the low FODMAP diet, to alleviate their symptoms. Traditionally, this has meant reading the labels on food products very carefully. However, with two new certifications for a low-FODMAP diet, companies are starting to invest in making products that align with the menu! Prego, for example, has released new pasta sauce that is low-FODMAP for sufferers of IBS. Enjoy Life, a brand known for their recipes developed for allergy sufferers also has products that align with the diet. You can find new low-FODMAP products in your local specialty grocer.

Dairy-Free Alternatives

Sure, we already have soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk, but if you’re allergic to dairy and nuts than you’re generally out of luck. With the New Year comes new milk alternatives, though: get ready to drink banana milk, oat milk, and pea milk. Banana milk is an excellent choice out of the entire list–potassium, calcium, and protein added to the liquid for an all-around healthy snack. Companies like Mooala are great for banana milk, Oatly! For oat milk, and ripple for pea milk. Other dairy-free products, like dairy-free yogurt, will also be a huge trend come the New Year. You can find dairy-free products in the milk and yogurt aisle at any major supermarket or major retailer.

Plant-Based Products

Mushrooms in meat?! Major restaurants, retailers, and other places of business have hopped on the plant-based product train and have begun to sell meat products with veggies mixed in. One such creation is the ‘blended burger–‘ mushrooms and beef mixed in a burger. You can pick up a blended burger at fast-food giant Sonic: the burger has 35% mushrooms for a burger that is 350 calories lighter than the original.

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