THIS Is What Happened When a Small Dog Found Itself in a Lion’s Enclosure

The animal kingdom is fascinating, unforgiving and enormously unpredictable. Even when we think we have it all figured out, the creatures walking this Earth still manage to surprise us on the daily.

Small Dog and Lion 0

When two very different animals were put in the same enclosure, it was anyone’s guess what was going to happen. One was fierce and strong, while the other was small and meek. Many feared for the lives of the animals; no one could have expected how the animals would react. You won’t believe how this turns out!

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The Strangest Zoo

When people think of a zoo, they usually think of zebras, lions, tigers and elephants. It’s not common for someone to think cats, hamsters and puppies! However, not all zoos are made equal.

Small Dog and Lion 1

One zoo in particular, the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma recognized just how few wildlife parks were still running in the area. They thought that they might compensate for this, by welcoming a larger number of animals, and a broader range of species. It was a unique idea, to say that least.

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One particular animal had been living at the zoo ever since he was a teenager. The animal was an African lion, and his name was Bonedigger. This fierce lion didn’t exactly have the same upbringing as other lions.

Small Dog and Lion 2

Bonedigger was raised by humans from the time he was just a cub. His owner’s name was John Reinke, and the two had a very special bond from the very start. Bonedigger was fiercely loyal to John, who he saw as both a friend and father figure.

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A New Playmate

Not long after Bonedigger came to live with John, another animal was welcomed into the family. It wasn’t a kitten or hamster like you’d expect, but rather a baby tiger!

Small Dog and Lion 3

The tiger’s name was Tony, named after the popular breakfast cereal that kids love. No one knew how well the animals would get along, but fortunately they clicked almost right away. The two animals had many things in common, including the fact that they were abandoned early on in life. John thought they had a great connection.

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A Little Protective

Even though Bonedigger and Tony were getting along well, there were some instances when the lion wasn’t very happy with his striped friend. This was most obvious when John was around the animals.

Small Dog and Lion 4

It was clear that Bonedigger was very protective of John. Anytime that the lion felt the tiger was being too playful with their owner, the lion would let out a baby road to show his displeasure. Bonedigger struggled to have healthy relationships with other animals, but his love for his owner was undeniable.

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Sassy Teenagers

As Bonedigger got older, John could see his personality coming through. At four months old, the animal was beginning to grow in strength and size. Along with that, came more of a ferocious attitude.

Small Dog and Lion 5

Bonedigger was always biting, attacking the sides of his enclosure, and standing off against other animals and people to display his power. John had seen this before in other animals, but the felt as though the anger in Bonedigger was misplaced. Something else was happening in the mind of this wild cat.

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Growing Up

It felt like just yesterday Bonedigger was a baby lion, just trying to navigate his way through his new life. And yet, in the blink of an eye the lion was a full-sized wild animal with some very assertive needs.

Small Dog and Lion 6

John knew that he could no longer keep Bonedigger or Tony in his home. The animals had reached their adult size, and they simply didn’t have enough space in John’s home anymore. It was a sad thing to face, but it had to happen someday. John knew the beautiful animals had to go.

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The Park

Bonedigger and Tony were taken to The Greater Wynnewood Animal Park, in Wynnewood Oklahoma. Wynnewood is one of the only animal sanctuaries still running in the area, due to poor funding.

Small Dog and Lion 7

To compensate for the lack of sanctuaries, the Wynnewood Animal Park makes an effort to bring in all kinds of animals in need. Thanks to their sacrifice, the park has accepted all kinds of animals, including Bonedigger and Tony. It’s a lot of work, but the park has garnered all kinds of attention for their selflessness.

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Wynnewood is a fascinating place to explore. The animals that can be seen at this park include kangaroos, lions, skunks, monkeys, birds, and more! All of the animals have been granted sanctuary to live out their lives peacefully.

Small Dog and Lion 8

When it comes to Bonedigger, John wasn’t sure how well he would adjust to this new place. He had such a strong connection to his owner, and John feared that he would struggle. However, there were a handful of animals in the park who would too dangerous to socialize with others. Was Bonedigger one of them?

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The Struggle

Bonedigger was only four months old at the time, but he was strong and fierce. Unfortunately, the lion ended up being diagnosed with metabolic bone disease, which left him disabled in comparison to the other cats at the park.

Small Dog and Lion 9

When John found out about Bonedigger’s circumstances, he became worried. He felt as though Bonedigger’s aggressions potentially stemmed from this issue, and it was the lion’s way of trying to establish power amongst the other animals. With the news about Bonedigger’s health, John realized something interesting.

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A Powerful Connection

John Reinke knew all about the struggles that Bonedigger was facing as a young cub. The animal was looked down on by the other animals, but he didn’t want to seem weak.

Small Dog and Lion 10

John had felt the same way many times, when people had looked down on his for his disability. You see, John was a double-amputee, with both of his legs being removed many years earlier. This fact alone may be the reason that John and Bonedigger had such an unspoken connection.

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Close to Home

Lucky for Bonedigger, John’s home wasn’t far away from the animal park. In fact, it was right next door! And Bonedigger got to see John all the time, because he was actually the park’s manager!

Small Dog and Lion 11

John had worked with the small cub in his home, and how he was trying to nurse the animal back to health at the park. He was never far away from the animal, which helped with the creature’s anxiety. John turned to his staff members to try and help Bonedigger establish relationships with some of the other animals in the park.

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Ticking Clock

Bonedigger was having trouble connecting with the other animals at the park. It seemed like all he wanted to do was be with John and protect John. This was a big problem, especially for the lion’s future.

Small Dog and Lion 12

The team at the zoo knew that the lion had to start communicating with other animals as soon as possible. If he became unsociable and isolated, he would likely be a nightmare to work with in the future. An isolated animal could mean a bad attitude, attacks, and a very dangerous cat.

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The Rogue Crew

One of the unique things about Wynnewood Park, was that they had their own band of misfits who ran free around the park. Many of the visitors of the park came just to see this hilarious group!

Small Dog and Lion 13

You won’t believe it unless you see it, but it’s true. Wynnewood was home to a pack of rambunctious dachshund dogs! Free of enclosures, this hyper group of pups had free range of the property, and they loved to cause havoc wherever they went.

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Wild and Free

The pups were used to being out in the open, and they had no fear when it came to the other bigger animals in the park. They often went to the food court to scour for food, or they’d taunt the other animal residents in their cages.

Small Dog and Lion 14

The dogs were certainly high-energy animals, and they were also very brave. Dachshunds are very small creatures, and many of the animals in the park were more than 45 times their weight! There was certainly a level of danger, but the dogs seemed to love it.

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The wild group of pups had minds of their own, but they all followed the lead of one puppy in particular. Her name was Abby, and she was quite possibly the feistiest Dachshund of all time!

Small Dog and Lion 15

Abby was an 11-pound, dark chocolate female. She always seemed to be the one coming up with naughty ideas for the rest of the dogs to follow. The zoo was already a unique place to visit, but the dogs made things even more interesting and memorable for guests!

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Joe Exotic

The Wynnewood Park was home to many incredible things, including a man named Joe Exotic. Joe was an incredible man, who was highly invested in the livelihood of the animals at the park.

Small Dog and Lion 16

Joe is a zookeeper at heart, but he’s so much more than that! Joe tried to run for American presidency in 2016, and he is now attempting to become the Libertarian candidate for the governor of Oklahoma. Additionally, he performs in a country band when he’s not at the zoo! There was nothing this man couldn’t do!

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Taking a Chance

Joe Exotic knew all about Bonedigger, and he felt badly for the large cat. He didn’t want this animal to be isolated all of his life, so he made it his personal mission to try and help the large cat.

Small Dog and Lion 17

Joe was set on the idea to socialize Bonedigger with one of the animals at the zoo, but which one would it be? At the time, there were no other lions at the sanctuary, and they already knew that Bonedigger wasn’t great with Tony. What would they do?

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The Idea

Joe was always paying attention to the daily habits and attitudes of the animals at the park. What Joe had noticed, was that there was one animal in particular who was always lurking around Bonedigger’s cage.

Small Dog and Lion 18

Everyone was surprised to hear that the animal who was so brave as to hang around Bonedigger was none other than Abby the dachshund! The brave little creature had noticed the lion as soon as he came to the park, and her interest in the animal was a daily occurrence.

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The Proposal

Joe Exotic proposed that they team try to establish a relationship between the lion and the feisty dog. He explained that he had been watching Abby, and she was always watching Bonedigger.

Small Dog and Lion 19

In fact, on multiple occasions, the lion and the dog could be seen communicating to one another through the fences! This was a very positive sight for Joe, who had only ever seen Bonedigger lunging and chasing other animals away from him. However, this was a huge, huge risk for the park team to take.

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The Tiniest Friend

Abby might be a fierce pup, but she was only 11 pounds! It wasn’t hard to see why this relationship might be a very dangerous problem—Bonedigger was 45 times the weight of the rambunctious dog!

Small Dog and Lion 20

However, there was a common knowledge that Abby was very good at taking care of herself. She was quick to escape when needed, and she often put larger animals in their place! If anyone was going to get Bonedigger in shape, Abby was their best bet.

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The Social Butterfly

It’s no secret that dogs are very social, friendly creatures. They love to wrestle, run, cuddle and play, without expecting anything in return. Dogs can often melt even the coldest of hearts with their selfless attitudes.

Small Dog and Lion 21

When it came to Bonedigger, the team hoped that this would also be the case. Perhaps the lively, life-loving dog could persuade Bonedigger to come out of his shell? If this was going to go forward, the team had to have a foolproof plan to keep everyone safe.

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The team talked about how they were going to pull off this first interaction. Luckily, the dog and the lion were already well-aware of one another, since Abby had been hanging out around his enclosure.

Small Dog and Lion 22

The team decided that they would all be a part of the first meeting, agreeing to bring Abby into the cage while John stayed with Bonedigger. They hoped that with John present, the lion would have a more calm and friendly attitude when another animal entered his enclosure.

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Coming In

Abby was put on a leash, and the team began the first interaction between the lion and the dachshund. It was a nervous day for everyone, but they wanted to help Bonedigger as soon as possible.

Small Dog and Lion 23

John went to Bonedigger, and led him to the back of his enclosure. The rest of the team opened up the cage, and came in with Abby on a leash. They all waited with baited breath to see how the animals would react. They were ready for anything at this point.

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First Reactions

No one could have foreseen the initial reactions of either the dog or the lion! John was shocked—as soon as Bonedigger saw Abby, he began to back up! He was actually trying to get further into John’s arms!

Small Dog and Lion 24

This was a very strange reaction—it was as though the lion was afraid of the tiny puppy! Even stranger, Abby didn’t seem afraid at all. In fact, Abby was tugging at her leash, fighting to get closer to the creature that she’d be hanging around for so many days.

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Mismatched Behaviour

John had Bonedigger on his own leash, and it was now that he gave a little slack to the leash. He hoped that Bonedigger would behave. As soon as he had some slack, it seemed like Bonedigger gathered some confidence.

Small Dog and Lion 25

He made his way towards Abby, trying to figure out whether she was a friend, or something delicious to eat! Abby, on the other hand, was extremely hyper. She was jumping up and down trying to get closer to the lion. This was one brave dog!

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A Bad Reaction

The zookeepers were ready for anything, and they prepared themselves in case Bonedigger lunged towards the dog. As soon as they were close enough, the lion cub pressed his nose up against the dog.

Small Dog and Lion 26

Bonedigger quickly pulled away after the first interaction, and the pup howled excitedly. However, the lion didn’t seem quite as happy. He backed up further and let out his best effort to roar at the dachshund. This wasn’t a good sign, and the zookeepers quickly reacted.

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Taking a Break

The interaction between the lion and the puppy hadn’t made Bonedigger very happy. He became fairly upset after the meeting, which was a very bad sign for the team at the zoo.

Small Dog and Lion 27

The animals were separated, and the team had to discuss what steps they wanted to take next. They considered introducing a larger animal to Bonedigger, but they still didn’t think that this was the best approach. John knew that introducing a larger cat would only make Bonedigger feel insecure again.

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Stuck on Abby

When the team discussed the next moves with Bonedigger, they were all still convinced that it wasn’t the end for the lion and the dachshund. They were not ready to give up quite yet.

Small Dog and Lion 28

The team agreed that they were going to try again with the animals. They felt that the two needed more time together, and that they shouldn’t expect the perfect union the very first time. They agreed that they were going to being Abby into the enclosure again soon.

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Second Chance

When Abby entered Bonedigger’s cage for a second time, she wasn’t afraid at all. In fact, it seemed as though the puppy simply saw this as another chance for playtime with the enormous cat!

Small Dog and Lion 29

Abby and her team came into the enclosure again, this time with both animals on their leashes like before. At this point, Bonedigger was six months old, and he had calmed down significantly. Abby walked right up to the lion again, tail wagging. This time, things were different.

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A Change of Heart

When Abby approached Bonedigger for a second time, things were different. The lion was a little calmer, and he chose to pace around his enclosure keeping a watchful eye on the dog.

Small Dog and Lion 30

When the small pooch barked this time, the lion did not jump. He seemed to have figured the dog out a little more, and he wasn’t quite as overwhelmed with the rambunctious attitude of the smaller animal. This was a good sign for the zookeepers, and they knew they made the right decision trying again.

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On the Loose

The team knew that they couldn’t keep coming into the enclosure with Abby and Bonedigger. At some point, the animals would need to be left alone together to see how things were really going between the two of them.

Small Dog and Lion 31

With this in mind, the team decided that it was time to let the animals roam on their own. It was going to be a very nerve-wracking moment for the team, but there was no way to know how they’d get along with the impact of the humans in the cage.

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One fateful day, the team released Abby into Bonedigger’s enclosure on her own. The team watched with baited breath, hoping that the dachshund wouldn’t turn into a quick meal for the lion.

Small Dog and Lion 32

The zookeepers had laid out all of Bonedigger’s toys, hoping that Abby could show him how to play with her. The dog was more than happy to oblige, and the dog quickly ran towards all of the toys and blankets in the middle of the enclosure. What was Bonedigger going to do about this?

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The Pace

Abby was more than okay with being in Bonedigger’s enclosure, and this attitude what likely what affected the lion the most. Abby had completely ignored the lion and went straight to his toys!

Small Dog and Lion 33

In response, Bonedigger got up and began to approach the hyper pup. He began circling the animal, keeping his eyes on her at all times. The team wondered whether he was acclimatizing to her, or if he was planning his next meal. He continued to circle Abby slowly.

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On High Alert

The zoo team was on high alert, expecting the lion to lunge at any moment. However, this wasn’t what happened! Although Bonedigger looked like he was stalking prey, he never pounced.

Small Dog and Lion 34

Before anyone could react, Abby launched herself at the lion and planted a huge, sloppy kiss on the lion’s face! Bonedigger definitely hadn’t been expecting this. In reaction, the lion used his huge paw and swatted at the little dog. The team immediately went back into high alert position.

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Too Quick

Abby was far too quick for the lion—his giant paw completely missed the pup, as she bounded to the side and avoided his swat! She wasn’t even afraid of the lion …now this was a fun game!

Small Dog and Lion 35

Abby began to hop around the big cat, egging him on to play with her in response. Abby went into a pouncing stance, with her chest to the ground and her tail wagging in the air. This was a game for her! The team watched as Bonedigger’s muscles began to relax.

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The Kiss

Abby seemed to have made the lion relax much more than the team had ever anticipated. As she jumped around the lion playfully, the team kept their eyes on Bonedigger for any signs of aggression.

Small Dog and Lion 36

Fortunately, there was only one response that Bonedigger had for the dog, and it was one that the team could have only dreamt of seeing. The lonely cat lowered his head and actually planted his own sloppy kiss on the dog! Everyone was completely speechless!

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With such a successful meeting having taken place, the team knew that they were right to give Abby and Bonedigger another chance together. After that second meeting, things only got better.

Small Dog and Lion 37

Bonedigger seemed to really enjoy the presence of Abby, and she seemed to bring out the life in the lion that had been suppressed for so long. Instead of feeling inferior to this animal, Bonedigger felt a bond with the dog that brought him out of his shell.

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A New Home

Bonedigger began to feel protective of Abby, just as he had with John. Whenever it was time for Abby to leave the enclosure, it was clear that Bonedigger became very sad. The team didn’t want this at all!

Small Dog and Lion 38

To solve this new problem, the team agreed that Abby and Bonedigger should always be together. The two animals began living in their joined home, and matured together. The enclosure included a home for each of the animals, and they enjoyed a sandy habitat together.

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The Crew

Of course, Abby had always been a part of a crew of dachshunds who ruled around the park. Now that Abby was living with Bonedigger, things were different. However, the herd needed their leader!

Small Dog and Lion 39

So, what was the team going to do? Abby was particularly different than her friends—she was much more demanding and bossy, which was likely part of the reason that Bonedigger liked her so much. The other dogs were calmer and meeker than Abby, which was a potential issue.

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Not the Same

The team was hesitant with Abby’s friends; they didn’t know what they should do. Should they introduce the lion to the rest of Abby’s crew, or would that pose a danger to them?

Small Dog and Lion 40

Not only were they less brave than Abby, but Bonedigger was known to be very aggressive when he wanted to protect his friends. Now that he was so close to Abby, the zookeepers feared that the lion would reject the other dogs and want Abby to himself. Once again, they team found themselves in a tough position.

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Taking a Chance

The zookeepers had loved seeing how much Bonedigger opened up around Abby. They were optimistic about the lion accepting the other dogs, so long as Abby was there with him.

Small Dog and Lion 41

They hoped that the large cat would behave with the other dogs, since it would be clear that Abby had accepted them. The team took another chance, and allowed the other dogs to enter into the enclosure. Some madness ensued, as the rambunctious dogs took over the enclosure. Could Bonedigger handle all of this?

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Friendly Chaos

The three dachshunds were named Milo, Bullet, and Angel. They launched themselves into the enclosure, immediately circling their best friend since birth. Joe and John made sure to remain in the cage while the first meeting occurred.

Small Dog and Lion 42

Surprisingly, none of the dogs were afraid of the lion! They were just like Abby, happy to play and totally ignorant to the large cat in their presence. It was likely their ‘big dog complex’ that made this type of dog so fearless.

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Bonedigger was obviously overwhelmed upon first meeting Abby’s crew. He had just gotten used to having one dog in his cage, and now there were four! This was a hard thing for the lion.

Small Dog and Lion 43

The zookeepers could see his attitude changing. There was a lot of activity going on in the cage, and Bonedigger was unsure of the animals approaching him. In response, the large lion who was now full-grown growled at the animals and flashed his teeth. Abby seemed surprised at this new stature that the lion took on.

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Even though Bonedigger tried to assert his dominance over the dogs, they were hardly afraid. They kept playing with each other and ignored the large cat. Over time, it seemed as though the lion began to accept them, to a degree.

Small Dog and Lion 44

Not surprisingly, Bonedigger was always going to have a soft spot for Abby. The dogs continued to be allowed into the enclosure, and even though the lion got used to them, Abby was always favored. Bonedigger often growled and swatted at the other dogs, but he never got annoyed with Abby.

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Full House

As time went on, the dogs began to feel very comfortable with the new enclosure. They loved playing with their old friend, and they were just as happy to wrestle and snuggle with their lion friend.

Small Dog and Lion 45

At any time, visitors could watch the dogs chase around the lion, or see the lion playfully charge at the puppies. Once in a while the lion would become annoyed with the energy of the pups, but it never lasted very long. It was like a big brother and his little siblings play fighting all day long.

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One thing that the animals didn’t mess with was dinnertime. The dogs were always given kibble for their meals, and Bonedigger was always given slabs of meat for his predatory appetite.

Small Dog and Lion 46

For the most part, the animals were kept separate during this time. The dogs had their own food, and they knew not to mess with the lion and his meals. However, it was Abby who decided to push the boundaries one day and the zookeepers were shocked at what happened.

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Sneaky Pooch

It was a regular day, and it was time for dinner. Bonedigger had just been presented with his delicious steak meal, and he was ready to devour it all to himself. Just as he was about to take a bite, something happened.

Small Dog and Lion 47

Abby hard barked at the lion, trying to get his attention. Like any good friend, the lion walked away from his food to see what was going on. The sneaky pooch stretched out her neck, signaling to the lion that she might have a flea she wanted him to get.

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The Heist

Bonedigger was a good friend, and he never assumed that Abby would be up to anything suspicious. He approached his friend, ready to help her with whatever she needed.

Small Dog and Lion 48

It was then that Abby struck. She was so much quicker than the lion, and within moments he was sitting in her dust! Abby launched herself towards Bonedigger’s amazing meal, and started to search for the biggest chunk she could take! The lion looked absolutely shocked at what had just happened!

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An Impressive Response

Bonedigger watched as if in awe at what Abby had managed to do. She quickly grabbed a big slab of steak in her mouth, and carried it away to munch on. Bonedigger watched as she tried to pull it apart.

Small Dog and Lion 49

Everyone waited to see what the lion would do about this sneaky act. However, Bonedigger surprised everyone when he simply began walking back to his food to begin his meal. He didn’t even try to get his food back! The two animals enjoyed the rest of their meals in peace.

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Changing Places

The zookeepers made it a point to monitor how the animals responded to one another over time. The team was amazed by the fact that Abby’s behaviour started to change the longer she was with Bonedigger!

Small Dog and Lion 50

In response to her new environment, Abby was giving off lion-like tendencies. She had learned these from Bonedigger as she watched him in their enclosure. Most lions and bigger cats would make a puffing sound to create peaceful alliances, and Abby began to demonstrate this sound herself!

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A Big Dog

Similar to Abby, Bonedigger started to give off some dog-like tendencies he had learned from his companion. John explained that when Bonedigger sees him, he now pounces up to him with excitement.

Small Dog and Lion 51

This never would have happened before Abby! Additionally, the lion took on other characteristics of a dog, like laying in John’s lap and enjoying a good mane rub. His mannerisms became more positive and excited, and he was much more playful. These were all wonderful signs that Bonedigger was becoming much more social.

The animals were soon to be separated. You have to click ‘Next’ and see what happens!

Time for a Cleaning

Eventually, the enclosure where the lion and dogs lived had to be manicured. The weeds were getting too long, so the dogs had to be removed from the cage for maintenance.

Small Dog and Lion 52

This was going to be the first time that the lion and dogs were separated since they had been put in the same cage! That was a very long time ago. The zookeepers were intrigued by how Bonedigger would react to this new environment. The dogs were taken out of the cage, and the maintenance began.

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A Sad Sound

Bonedigger had no idea what was going on, or where his friends were going. Of course, it was impossible to tell him that his support system would be back in no time at all.

Small Dog and Lion 53

As soon as the animals left the cage, Bonedigger started to pace around his enclosure. The lion immediately began to whine for his friends, looking through the fence and trying to find them. When it was finally time for the dogs to return, the zookeepers couldn’t stop smiling at the lion’s reaction. This moment had made everything worth it.

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Coming Home

As soon as the cleaning was done, the zookeepers wasted no time putting the dogs back into the enclosure. Just like a goofy dog, the lion barreled towards the dogs with excitement in his eyes.

Small Dog and Lion 54

The team of zookeepers explained that Bonedigger was incredibly ecstatic to see all the dogs again. He went to each of the pups, as if to count them to make sure they were all back safely. He gave all four of them kisses and cuddles, and the dogs seemed just as happy to be back.

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Amazing Affection

Over time, Abby and Bonedigger began to display interesting acts of affection. The zookeepers had never seen this before, but they were certain that these were positive acts of love.

Small Dog and Lion 55

Aside from helping one another with fleas and fur cleaning, Abby and Bonedigger also seemed to be helping one another with their dental needs! Most commonly, Abby would be seen using her tongue to clean the lion’s sharp teeth. It was a funny and heartwarming thing to see, and it was a daily occurrence that the lion seemed to love!

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Abby and Bonedigger continued to live together with the other dogs. And yet, there was always a special bond between the feisty leader and her big cat. After a time, Abby would growl like Bonedigger, and vice versa!

Small Dog and Lion 56

This was an incredible thing to hear, considering that dogs and lions have drastically different sounds. Both had managed to mimic the other’s sounds flawlessly, and they often practiced these sounds when warning the other of danger. They also used the matching sounds to communicate together!

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Going Strong

Bonedigger and his furry friends have been together for quite some time now. The friendly lion is now nine years old, and he had flourished while living amongst the life-loving pooches.

Small Dog and Lion 57

Nowadays, Bonedigger does not eve act as though he has a disability. He is a confident lion, who is more than happy with his surroundings and friends. So many people come to the zoo to see this unlikely bond, and they can never tell that the lion even has any sort of illness!

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Abby and Bonedigger’s story had become an inspiration to the zookeepers at Wynnewood Park, as well as to other zoos. Their bond helped to save an isolated animal from a sad and lonely life.

Small Dog and Lion 58

The inspiring story between the lion and dog helped to open up the options that abandoned and badly-tempered animals had. While not every story would work out like this one, animal rescue centers were now much more aware of the possibilities with cross-species bonding. Bonedigger and Abby had changed things for the better.

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Together Forever

The team at Wynnewood Park would never have to worry about Bonedigger again. He and his rambunctious friends were now going to live out their lives enjoying each other’s company.

Small Dog and Lion 59

It’s just another amazing story that reiterates what we already knew: the animal kingdom will never fail to surprise us. We can learn so much from the animals around us, if we only watch patiently and give them a chance to show us. For one lion and his puppy pack, this fact was certain.

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