Three Startups on the Pulse of the Health and Fitness Market for 2019

With thousands of new startups every year designed to get you moving, help with meditation, or track your water intake, it can be hard to invest in those that are cementing themselves in the health and fitness industry. Here are six must-watch startups set to revolutionize the health and fitness industry in the new year.


In a world full of stressful deadlines, car pickup lines, and long commutes home, Calm aims to help soothe their listeners, and solve mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness. It’s so beloved that it’s the number one app for meditation and sleep on Apple’s iOS and the Google Play Store. Apple’s team loved this app so much; they named it their 2017 App of the Year.

Human API

Research studies find it hard to find willing and eligible participants to help them in their research. With Human API, though, interested participants can share data from their labs, devices, and medical visits: connecting researchers with interested study participants. Researchers at the University of California: San Francisco has been using the site to conduct research. Currently, there are 200,000 participants registered on the site.

MD Insider

There aren’t any reviews for doctors that will objectively tell you how good a doctor is– at least, not until now. With MD Insider, a team of data scientists, medical professionals, and engineers all worked to create a platform where you can view the objective performance of a doctor based on client reviews and performance reviews conducted by institutions. This is important when considering doctor choice as a consumer, but also crucial for changing the curriculum at medical schools and institutions of higher education, too!

Know a good startup that should make a list? Have any health and fitness topics you’d like to see discussed? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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