Survey Conducted by Commonwealth Fund Finds US Women’s Health Lags Behind Other Rich Countries

In a survey conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, the health of US women lags behind ten other well-developed countries: Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. U.S. women come 11th out of 11 countries in a survey of their experiences. They experience much higher rates of maternal mortality and cesarean sections when compared to the other 10 countries surveyed and have the highest standards of chronic illness and emotional distress.

The Financial Side of Healthcare

Financially, too, women in the United States have to invest large amounts to stay abreast of their European and Oceanic counterparts. More than a third (38%) of US women polled said that they skipped medical treatments because of the cost,  compared to just 5% in Britain. 25% of all US women also reported spending more than $2,000 out of pocket in the last year on medical care for themselves and their families. Women in Switzerland pay just as much for medical care, while only 5% of women in all of the other countries surveyed paid as much out of pocket.

The Benefits of the American Health System

However, women in the United States are far less likely to die of breast cancer than in other nations and have much better access to specialist medical professionals. The authors of the study explain the discrepancy in breast cancer fatalities by explaining the higher rates of mammograms and screening administered to US women. On the other hand, Switzerland, which has the markedly lowest rate of breast cancer screenings, had an average mortality rate when compared to the other ten countries.

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