Sticking to It: Seven Ways to Stick it to Your Diet

New year new me? If you’re like 45% of Americans, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. While weight loss involves many factors, diet is a huge, well-known part of losing weight. A couple of changes to your diet can be an easy enough way to lose weight–but, they’re often hard to stick to, and can get left behind in favor of some pizza. Looking for some motivation? Here are seven ways to stick to your diet this new year!

Made Gradual Changes

One of the biggest things that people get wrong about their New Year’s resolutions is that they make them too lofty. Making gradual changes to your diet is one of the best ways to keep your goals intact by the end of the year. If your goal is to cut out carbs, for example, start by cutting them out one day a week for a couple of weeks, then for two days a week, and so on. Starting small can be a great way to keep your resolutions intact! 

Choose Foods You Love

If you love eating cereal in the morning, don’t cut it out completely! In the same vein, don’t make foods you hate integral to your new diet. Make healthy choices about the foods that you eat, but don’t make yourself utterly miserable for the sake of a diet.

Bring Food with You

If you’re going to an office party, work, or the gym, bring food with you. You never know when you’re going to be hungry, and you’d rather have healthy snacks than reach for the closest fast-food joint or any meals brought for the office. Healthy snacks like protein bars, pretzels, and cheeses that keep well are all great ways to save some healthy food on hand. Keeping a bite or two in your desk drawer, glove box, and purse or backpack can be a great way to keep your diet on track! 

Don’t Let Yourself Starve 

If you’re continuously hungry, you’re more likely to indulge in fatty foods, sweets, and desserts. Don’t give yourself that chance–eat several smaller meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels stable. If you need something to eat quickly to raise your blood sugar healthily, try a banana or other piece of fruit, granola bar, or some dried food. It’s an easy-to-store, high-carb way to increase your blood sugar before your next big meal temporarily.

Make Healthy Dining Choices

Going out to eat? Make good dining choices. While salad bars are always a good choice, anything with only a handful of ingredients, like grilled chicken and veggies, is also a good idea. Eating healthy when you head out is vital to stick to your diet.

 Eat Before You Leave

Before you head out to a restaurant, the grocery store, or out with your friends, have something to eat. Eating before you go someplace with food makes sure you don’t make decisions with your stomach instead of your brain. A small, healthy meal before you head out can save you some trouble later.

Work Off Your Indulgences

Can’t resist that piece of chocolate cake? No worries! Just be sure to hit the gym afterward. Keeping everything in moderation, including indulgences like sweets and fatty foods, is a great way to allow yourself to enjoy some things without going overboard.

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