Spring Lookbook for Your Next Yoga or Spinning Class

As the warmer temperatures of spring start to roll around, more and more people are ready to hit the gym in the perkiest pastels or brightest neons. If you’ve been green with envy at some of the put-together ensembles that other members of your weekly yoga class have been sporting, now is the time for a closet revamp. Big-box stores, online retailers, and specialty sports stores have all been hopping on the “athleisure” trend, and the offerings they have are sure to strike green into the hearts of some of your fellow yogis. Here are some of the latest trends in workout gear and some of the new labels shaking up the gym this spring.


Lululemon will never not be a trend among casual yogis and gym rats alike. Known for their soft leggings and sweat-wicking material, a pair of lululemon leggings and a crop top is sure to turn some heads on the treadmill or in the yoga studio. But be warned– a pair of leggings can run you anywhere from 70 dollars to upwards of 100

Inspired by the Lulemon boom of recent years, workout leggings are a new gym staple. You can find leggings everywhere from Forever21 to your local Target (JoyLab ftw!,) with prices running anywhere from 10 bucks to a hundred. Athleta, Fabletics, Victoria’s Secret, Gymshark, and even Dick’s Sporting Goods are all great places to look for some leggings!

Strappy sports bras as a top are another trend that just won’t die. Popularized in the yoga studies of Hollywood, you can find these all over the country: in gyms, fitness classes, and sports practices alike. Similar to the leggings, these are popular in Forever 21’s, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Puma, and any other brand you could ever think of. And with different styles of bra for different exercises (usually separated into low, medium, and high intensity) you can customize the level of support you receive!

Muted tones for sneakers are the new trend. Tans, whites, peaches and grays inarguably dominate the athleisure market, while the pastel trend continues (of course!) during the spring season for runners. Muted, neutral-toned sneakers truly go with every color or style, making them a natural addition to your gym look. Adidas, Puma, Nike, and Saucony all offer neutral or muted tones as part of their lines.

Brands to Watch

JoyLab– A Target Exclusive brand of activewear rolled out in September of last year, JoyLab mixes bright solids, patterns, and trendy leggings, tops, and sports bras– all catered to petite and plus size women alike. With prices ranging from $15 to $50, this is truly the accessible fitness brand to keep an eye on this spring.

Wear It to Heart– Looking for a bright new pair of statement leggings to add to your gym look? Wear It to Heart has got you covered! From florals to mesh to galaxy print to vibrant solids, Wear It To Heart has a myriad of shirts, leggings, tops, and jackets, all presented on a beautiful, minimalist website!

Michi– This brand, founded in NYC in 2010, offers everything from upscale leggings and activewear to swimwear, to even tennis skirts and dresses. If you are looking to stay monochrome, sticking to black and white, then this brand is for you. The subtle mesh and panels add to the muted, but on-trend activewear that they offer.

VARLEY– Another more upscale brand, VARLEY, which is based in London and LA, offers both lounge and activewear for the active woman. The muted color palette, combined with the patterns and silhouettes that scream “Soulcycle” just as much as “country club,” are perfect for hitting up your friends for coffee after you hit the gym.

Are you looking to up your gym wardrobe or stay ahead of any trends? Are there any activewear trends that you think warrant a nod? Let us know in the comments below!

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