Seven Unconventional Ways to Tell That You’re Getting Healthier

Whether it’s the New Year’s Resolutions, working on your step goals, or a resolution to get your dog out for more walks, you’ve got to focus on the little improvements you are making. Here are ten small, easy ways that you can know when you’re getting in shape– mentally, physically, and emotionally. (Go you!)

You Wake Up on Time for Your Morning Workouts

Have you noticed that you’ve been excited to wake up for your early morning workouts or found that you at least don’t dread the sound of the alarm at 6am? You are getting fitter (or at least have developed a consistent sleep schedule, which is an achievement on its own!) Developing a healthy sleep cycle, along with looking forward to workouts, are reliable indicators that you are getting mentally and physically fitter!

You’re Doing More Than Pumping Iron

If you’re running on the treadmill as often as you’re hitting the books, or if you are meditating after a hard TRX class, congratulations! You’re on your way to becoming mentally and physically fit! Combining your mental and physical fitness is a great way to make sure that both get done, and since they often go hand in hand, combining the two is easier than you’d expect.

You Get Breakfast in Before the Office

If you can have a nutritious, well-rounded breakfast before you head to the office, you’re healthier than you were in the days of granola bars and fast-food breakfast sandwiches. Getting a healthy breakfast before you hit the books ensures that you have a steady, consistent source of energy to carry you through the day, which is vital for your health and your productivity throughout the work or school day!

You Have a Decaffeinated Cup of Coffee Now and Then

Although coffee can be beneficial for your health, all of the caffeine, cream, and sugar isn’t necessarily the best for you. Knowing when to splurge on that Mocha Frappe and when to take a cup of decaf is essential– it shows that you understand and are conscious of both your food choices and your sleep. You’re working towards a goal, go you!

You Make Plans

Whether they are your New Year’s Resolutions or just dinner plans, setting specific goals and plans is beneficial to your mental health and can help keep you on your feet. Knowing when to speak up for yourself and when to concede is also a great skill to learn to keep yourself emotionally healthy and sticking up for yourself can add some serious confidence.

You Listen to Your Body

If you’ve ever started to feel sick before you showed any diagnosable symptoms, you know how bad it feels. Feeling tired, cranky, and sad sucks, and being in tune with your emotions and understanding when to take breaks is essential. If you’ve ever skipped a workout, dinner plans, or a coffee date to prioritize your health, congrats! It can be hard to fess up to being sick and learning to put yourself (and your mental and physical well-being) first is vital for your health!

You Push Yourself

Doing extra reps, running extra laps, and staying after class to ask questions about form are all indicators that you are mentally and physically growing stronger. Pushing yourself is critical for growth– after all, nobody who was comfortable ever grows. Being uncomfortable is okay, but make sure to listen to your body and know your limits!

Do you have any indicators that you use to show growth that you’d like to let us know about? Drop a comment in the comments section below!

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