Seven Easy Ways to Incorporate Wellness in Your Life

With those New Year’s resolutions being harder and harder to focus on, now’s the time to refocus and get a better look at your overall health. If you need a little bit of fitspiration, you’ve come to the right place–here are seven ways to stay on track with those wellness goals.

Positive Thinking

In one study, a positive attitude directly related to a healthier immune system. Thinking yourself well can be a powerful part of a healthy lifestyle. Having a hard time getting started? Try finding a short mantra, like “today will be a great day!” and repeating it over and over. If you fake it until you make it, you’ll eventually believe it!

Eat Finger Foods

Are you having a hard time getting the recommended surveys of fruits and veggies? Try eating how a kid would. Eating snack-size vegetables, like baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and celery sticks is a great way to get your five servings of veggies a day in. Even just chopping up some peppers, cucumbers, or other snack-size vegetables can be a healthy addition to your snacks, salads, or dinners.

Think Small

That New Year’s resolution might be a big, lofty goal, but smaller goals that you set for yourself every month can help you get there. Setting goals, workout by workout, meal by meal, and week by week can be fun, a great way to challenge yourself, and a break from the monotony of the week. Plus, the feelings of success that you get from those small wins can motivate you to take steps on your bigger goals!

Life’s More Fun with Friends

Are you bored with your gym routine? Find a friend or two to do it with you! Working out with a friend can help motivate you to go to the gym, push yourself harder, and make more friends. Don’t have a friend or two who wants to go to the gym with you? Sign up for a triathlon, road race, or cycling event. You’re bound to get an extra boost of motivation to compete in the game, and you’re likely to make a friend or two at the event (or along the way.)

Get Out Daily

Daily exercise is essential, but sometimes you don’t have the time to head to the gym every single day. Getting out for a walk on your lunch break, taking the stairs, or walking your dogs in the afternoon–whatever activity you can do every day, do it! Exercising for at least fifteen minutes a day can thwart the properties of aging if you want to keep your fresh face for longer, better strap on those running shoes!

Drink Up

First, it was eight cups a day. Now it’s a gallon. Whatever the recommended water consumption for you and your body type is, make it a priority. Staying hydrated can help you digest food properly, prevent against cramps and wrinkles, and help keep a lid on your appetite. If you need help getting in your daily consumption, set alarms on your phone, look for a fancy new water bottle, and always keep your water bottle close to you. 

Keep Snacking

Keeping your blood sugar consistent can help you stave off feelings of frustration, binge less, and burn more fat. Keeping a snack or two in your desk drawer, in your glovebox, and prepared in the fridge can work wonders for your diet. If you’re concerned with weight loss, eating five small meals a day in place of the traditional three meals can be even better!

Have more health tips? Want to learn more about health-related topics? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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