Phoenix-based Marketing Company’s Latest Report Spells Good News for Sports and Fitness Marketers

Sure, you’ve heard all about why the fitness industry is exploding recently. New diets, new gyms, and constant innovation in the industry all are driving this exploding market. But for marketers, how do they tap into all of this new energy? A study that a Phoenix-based marketing firm LAVIDGE just released gives credence to some of the sports marketers out there.

The study saw WestGroup Research Firm, a commissioned partner, poll the interests and reasons 400 adult consumers had to advertisements in a variety of different topic areas. The results were shocking: people participating in the study reportedly were more willing to spend money on a gym membership than on sporting events or sports equipment and preferred a more laid-back approach to getting fit. Ads that included the word ‘healthy’ and were advertising health and fitness-related products outperformed other ads without the keyword, even for the same or for very similar products.

As for sports and fitness marketing as a slice of the overall distribution of sponsorships that consumers wanted to see, it’s more than just a slice of the whole pie. The firm LAVIDGE is estimating that 70% of all sponsorships and advertisements in 2018 are going to sports, health, or fitness. That’s pretty significant! In another data point released in the report, the firm found that sports marketers preferred to reach out to potential clients via television ads, with 80% of marketers polled in this study listing it as their top method of contact. A behemoth of an industry already, LAVIDGE projected that the industry would experience 4.9 percent growth here in the United States, and a whopping 4.5 percent globally.

Want to know more about this marketing phenomenon? Have health and fitness marketing stories that you want to let others know? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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