Paradise Coast Wellness Experience Unveiled

If you’re headed to the sunny Florida coast this winter, be sure to include a visit to Naples, Florida on January 19! The Paradise Coast Wellness Experience features swamp walks, guided yoga, kayaking tours, and free bike rentals, among other offerings. Some events cost money, while others are free to the public.

The “Paradise Coast Wellness Tourism Visionary Task Force” is responsible for hosting the event, a first annual experience. Collier County, which encompasses the Naples area, is even expected to designate the third Saturday of January to become an annual Paradise Coast Wellness Experience. Although the task force has only been together for 18 months, Beth Preddy, a member of the task force, expressed her gratitude for the community around the event: “The community has really pulled together, and there are quite a lot of activities going on that day, in honor of that day,” she said to the Naples Daily News.

Want to join in the Wellness Experience but are from out of town? No problem, says Peggy Sealfon, co-founder of the task force: “If residents want to participate or they have guests they want to participate, it’s open to all. It’s to build our community as a well-recognized wellness destination.” In 2020, the task force expects the wellness experience to be a weekend trip.

The Paradise Coast Wellness Experience comes as part of a growing emphasis on wellness tourism, or travel to health destinations. Experts expect the wellness tourism industry to jump from its current 573 million dollars to a whopping 80 million dollars in 2020. As the wellness tourism industry grows, expect to see more events like this, both in Naples and across the world.

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