Pacing Yourself With a New Workout

The most common New Year’s resolution is to get into shape. But how many people actually follow through? Working out can be difficult and maintaining motivation can be even harder. But there are tricks to figure out how working out works for you. It may not be that working out just isn’t your thing. It may just be that you’re approaching it the wrong way.


There’s a lot more to figuring out how to work out than just getting on a bike three days a week. But we often never learn the proper way to exercise and maintain a routine. If you didn’t grow up playing sports, figuring out an exercise routine can be especially hard. Even if you were an athlete when you were younger, there’s no guarantee that you’ve mastered working out and sticking with it.

Choosing Your Workout

Many people fail with their New Year’s resolution because they are simply choosing the wrong kind of exercise. Some people right off weightlifting before even trying it. Others say they hate running before they’ve really given it a chance. It can be painful to find what kind of exercise suits you best. But once you do, there’s nothing better. It may be hard to imagine but those who love running actually look forward to doing it. It may even be a highlight of their day.

Once you’ve shopped around a bit and picked something you want to try, you have to stick with it for at least two weeks. It’s important that you try an exercise routine for at least two weeks because that’s about how long it takes your body to get used to it. If it’s the right fit, your body may actually start to crave the exercise. This may seem crazy to someone who doesn’t like running. But once you do it consistently for two weeks, you might actually feel the and more importantly, the desire to keep going.

Settling On a Pace

The pace of your workouts is key. This means both how often you are working out and the intensity at which you do so. Besides stopping before the two-week bench mark when your body craves the exercise, the other big reason people fall short of their resolutions is that they burn themselves out. When you’re excited to start a new routine you may want to go full speed ahead right away. But this is a mistake. This can lead to injury, fatigue, or just mental exhaustion.

Obviously, if you get hurt, you have to stop your workouts and then you can’t accomplish your goals. But if you work so hard on your first day that you get incredibly sore, you may have to wait a few days before the next time you train. And then the next time you may be less motivated because of the time off. And you may stop entirely because of a lack of rhythm and consistency to your workouts.

And don’t underestimate the mental strength it takes to workout day after day. If you do five days of weightlifting in a row, you may get tired of it and quit. So the best way to start a new workout is slowly and with a variety of exercises. Do cardio one day and weight training the next. And don’t worry about how fast you’re running or how much weight you’re lifting. Getting in shape is a long game. You have to approach it as one. Flaming out before you even get going is not helping you. So take it slow, record your progress, and don’t forget to have fun at the same time.

Engaging sentence: Are you pacing your workouts correctly?

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