New Technologies Coming to Fitness

With the advent of new fitness trackers, workout machines, and more, fitness and technology are becoming more and more intertwined. After this January’s Consumer Electronics Show, the number of health and fitness-related gadgets has soared. Some of the new additions include virtual-reality health games, fitness trackers for your pets, and many more. Here is a brief rundown on a handful of other health and fitness related technological gadgets.


PitPat: The Dog’s Answer to Fitbit

Although this product has been on the market for three years, new fitness company MoreThan recently partnered with the makers behind the fitness watch for your dog to create an entirely new experience. As the owner of a dog with one of these fitness bands, you can unlock a monetary reward. For helping your pet hit their wellness goals, you as their owner can unlock discounted food, pet insurance, or just cold, hard cash. As for the activity tracker itself, you can attach the waterproof, drop-proof, and poop-proof monitor to your dog’s collar.

VR Fitness Training

From boxing to dodgeball, dance parties to pickup games, VR experiences offered by tech giant Oculus are allowing users to leap into virtual reality. Titles like Creed, BOXVR, Beat Saber, and Dance Central help get gamers off the couch and exercising. Dance Central and BOXVR are games aimed toward fitness, while Creed is an immersive story game where you happen to box. Rec Room, another game, allows you and your friends to play dodgeball, have a dance party, or do whatever else you so please. If you’re interested in any of these titles, you can play them on the Oculus Quest, a new, more portable virtual reality system from Oculus, titans in the virtual reality industry.

Have a question about these new releases? Want to learn more about health technologies? Let us know by leaving a comment down below with your thoughts!

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