New Fitness Tech

Each year fitness and technology are getting more and more intertwined. We’ve seen all sorts of gadgets that track out fitness and keep us motivated. While many people don’t need smart watches or data about their workouts to keep going and improve everyday, some find these new technologies incredibly helpful.


Everyone knows about step counters and heart rate monitors. But the newest devices track a lot more than just steps and heart rate. There are now watches that can track levels of lactic acid in your muscles and glucose in your blood. These trackers can be especially helpful for certain athletes that need to carefully monitor their health.

Smart watches and fitness trackers are increasingly getting more and more sophisticated. But there are other new fitness inventions that tech-savvy athletes may be interested in as well.

New High-Tech Gadgets

One new gadget isn’t really a gadget at all but a shirt to wear to bed. Under Armour paired with Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady to come up with what they’re calling recovery sleepwear. This new shirt is supposed to absorb the body’s heat while you sleep, keeping you cool during the night. In addition, it can keep positive energy in the body with its bioceramic material, which can improve circulation and reduce inflammation. This expensive sleepwear may not be for everyone but it sure looks comfortable.

Another new development is the smart pan that counts calories for you. The pan comes with recipes and its sensors make sure that you are using the right measurements and temperature while you cook. If you love new technology this is definitely the purchase for you.

It’s hard to say if the new sleepwear or calorie-counting pan might catch on the way fitness trackers did. It’s possible their utility is not as great. But even if these items are a bust, they may lead to new inventions that are more helpful for improving health and fitness.

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