New Corporate Wellness Initiatives Expand into 2019

The wellness industry, recently valued at four trillion U.S dollars, is experiencing growth at a rate of double the global economy. One of the driving factors behind the sudden increase? An expansion into corporate culture. Recent statistics show that 90% of employees surveyed at companies with well-being initiatives were likely to recommend their employer as an excellent place to work.

This comes at a point where 70% of employers have made changes to the work environment to foster employee health. Why has this become such a huge part of corporate culture? Seven in 10 millennials polled had some level of emotional burnout, the rate of obesity continues to climb, and the American life expectancy has slowly been on the decline for years.

61% of employees polled reported that they’ve since made healthy choices as a part of an employer’s wellness program. Examples of employer wellness programs include subsidized testing, ergonomic chairs and lounges, healthy snacks, and catered healthy meals. Other examples of employee wellness programs come in the form of check-ins with HR and mental health training.

One such example of a wellness program is the program promoted by Facebook, where employees can use a bike-share program while working on their Palo Alto campus. Google offers another wellness program, where they have a massage therapist on site. Bandwidth, a communication company, offers their employees an hour-and-a-half “fitness lunch,” which provides them plenty of time to go home to eat, hit the gym, or spend time with their families.

Whatever the program, expect some returns in 2019. Workplace wellness initiatives can be as simple as putting on some white noise in the background at work, or as invested as including a company gym. Whatever wellness initiative you decide on, make sure that it doesn’t violate any privacy acts, like HIPPA or the ACA. A wellness plan can cost you a fair bit, but a lawsuit will cost you even more money.

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