Mirror, Mirror: The Role of Household Goods in The Fitness World

Your shoes, your bracelets, coffeemakers, and even your fridge have become linked to your health and fitness goals. Want a cup of coffee to wake yourself up before you go to the gym at 5:00am? There’s an app for that. Want to track your steps everywhere you go? There’s an app for that, too. But the newest addition to the Internet of Things related to fitness isn’t a kitchen appliance, article of clothing, or a sports device, but rather a mirror. Yes, your mirror in your bedroom is the next device to become linked to your network of devices providing health and fitness. The Mirror, released today, is a mirror placed above a 40 inch, 1080p television, allows you to stream live fitness classes from the comfort of your very own home.

Why a Mirror?

For the steep price tag of $1,500 for the initial purchase and a recurring cost of $40 per month for the access to classes, you can get a Mirror of your very own. The Mirror features a range of speakers so that you can listen to your music and the instructor of your class. The mirror aspect to Mirror also means that you can watch yourself performing the exercise– a choice that CEO Brynn Putnam says is intentional. “Sometimes you don’t know your shoulders are hunched until you actually see it,” she wrote in an interview with Engadget.

Your Instructor in the Mirror

Your instructors for the sports classes, which can range from yoga, high-intensity interval training, or cycling, get streamed live from a studio in New York City. Once you’ve taken and successfully finished a class, Mirror will recommend other courses that you might like, offer to adjust your intensity level, or provide other options.

Personalized Options

But classes aren’t the only things that the Mirror offers– there are also options for personal training, modified workouts for any injuries that you might have, and a display of your heart rate and pulse. At the end of a workout, you can see the calories burned, work completed, and export all of that data to the connected app, available on iOS.

What do you think about the newest fitness product? Do you have any thoughts on the market or use for this household item? We’d love to hear from you! Drop a comment below with your thoughts, and we’ll get back to you!

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