Meditation Madness: Guided Meditation Apps for Everyone

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress, release tension, and work toward improving your mental health. But it can seem overwhelming if you don’t know how to get started! While you can find some guided meditations online through sites like YouTube, there are full apps that exist to help guide you through the meditation process. Here are a few highly-ranked, diverse Apple and Android apps to help you take the first few steps on your meditation journey.



This app, with a muted color palette, lighthearted animations, and a serene narrator, can help you get started on being mindful. While this app isn’t free, it has a 10-day free trial you can use, complete with 10 different meditations you can try and the ability to link up with any friends using the app. After your 10-day free trial, you have the option to purchase a full subscription, with a couple of different tiers available. You can download Headspace on iOS and Android, where the app has an average rating of five stars.


This app offers more than just guided meditation–sleep music, a daily meditation, stretching exercises, and bedtime stories are all included in the app. As for the guided meditations, there are over 100 different options, with lengths that run from three to 25 minutes long. Like Headspace, much of Calm is behind a paywall. However, you get more for free with Calm (if that’s something you’re looking for). If you want to subscribe to Calm, available on iOS and Android, the subscription offers are either $10 a month or $40 a year. Both the Android and the iOS apps have a five-star rating on their respective app stores.

Insight Timer

While Headspace and Calm both offer guided meditations, their talking points mostly cover their other features. With Insight Timer, you can have access to the most extensive collection of guided meditations on this list, all for free. In addition to the 4,500 different free meditations provided, Insight Timer offers an additional 750 meditation music tracks, perfect for unguided meditation. If you get distracted easily, you can even add sounds from their collection of background noise to enhance your meditation. While the base version of the app is free, you can purchase a subscription which gives you the ability to listen offline. Insight Timer, which has a five-star rating on both Apple and Android, is available for free in both app stores.

Stop, Breathe and Think

There are two different levels with this app– the free version, which gives you access to 55 different meditations, and a paid subscription, which opens the door to many more. In either case, you can personalize the guided meditations offered by Stop, Breathe, and Think to your needs. The app contains specific meditations for those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other illnesses, as well as a set of general meditations. The unique thing about Stop, Breathe, and Think is that you can install it as a skill in your Echo Dot or Amazon Alexa, for meditation at home. The app has a five-star rating and is available for free in both the Google Play and App Stores.


Are you a beginning meditator? Breethe is perfect for you! It features meditations designed for you to perform before you fall asleep, early in the morning, and other general topics. You can choose to either use the app’s free version, with limited access to content or decide to upgrade to the paid version. In either case, Breethe is available for free in the Google Play and App Store, with an average five-star rating.

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