Love Where You Work: Health and Fitness Careers for Everyone

With the health and fitness industry exploding in interest, it the demand for health and wellness specialists is on the rise. The industry needs more specialists to deal with the maturing populace. New jobs and fields are growing. The innovation is producing a higher interest. There’s no way you can get away from the hype!

If you’ve realized you need to have any effect in individuals’ lives, yet maybe not in the conspicuous direct patient-care settings, a health and wellness related job is perfect for you. You wouldn’t stick to a hospital or doctor’s office—you’d be out instructing individuals and getting them healthy in the long term. One way to do this is through getting a health and wellness degree (or a degree in exercise science, nutrition, or another field.) A health and wellness degree usually covers mental and physical well-being, diet, teaching health science classes, correspondence with clients, and other essential skills to have.

The different educational programs found in these similar majors get students ready to serve in an assortment of well-being and health-related vocations. When your interests match with your enthusiasm for enhancing the lives of others, the benefits you’ll get will help prepare you for the whatever health or medicinal services career you’re chasing after.

If this sounds like you, a degree in health and wellness is likely just up your alley. So now you’re most likely pondering: What would you be able to do with a health and wellness degree, or a health sciences degree, or any fitness-related degree? Read on for three potential fields that would allow you to make the most impact in the gyms, recreational centers, and offices of America. 

Public Health Education

With a projected ten-year growth of 15 percent and a median salary of approximately $53,000, this is a perfect starting job. As a public health educator, your job might include teaching communities, schools, and companies about steps they can take to further their own wellbeing and creating and carrying out projects to help your students carry through on their commitments. When creating programs and projects, you might work closely with nutritionists and other wellness experts to develop a healthy, well-rounded project. You may likewise give speeches on wellbeing instruction needs to associations.

Community Health Worker

Another alternative is to end up a community health worker. In this role, you’ll fill in as the face of a network by giving first access to health and fitness materials. Community health workers frequently work in lower-class, underprivileged segments of the systems, serving the disadvantaged and giving social health data. You would encourage extensive correspondence between network users, health centers and department of health administrations. This job has a median salary of $38,00 and an anticipated growth higher than 15 percent for the next ten years.

Health Services Manager

Those seeking after a Health and Wellness degree can likewise find after a career in health administration. In this position, you’ll both oversee and facilitate well-being projects for a rec center, division or office. You may also spend significant time working with employees in therapeutic services while supervising health activities and initiatives and guaranteeing effectiveness. If you view yourself as having some business smarts, turning those into a management position in health services may be the ideal next steps for you to take! The job pays reasonably well, too: the median salary in 2017 was around $98,000, and experts estimate the job market will grow 15% over the next ten years.

Are you considering any of these three jobs? Want to learn more about educational opportunities that exist for health and fitness roles? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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