The Life of Dog the Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters are some of the oldest professionals in the world. They sometimes go by other names, but they’ve been around for centuries. Known by bail agents, bounty killers, fugitive recovery agents, and many more, there are only two places in the world where these people do their jobs, and the United States is one of them.

The United States is home to one of the most famous bounty hunters of our time, Dog the Bounty Hunter. This job, previously occupied by men, now includes some women. Dog, for example, has his wife Beth by his side during some of his hunts. Bounty hunters hunt down fugitives who have skipped bail in the court system, arrest them, and bring them back to jail and into the legal system. History of the profession is pretty dark, but those tactics are rarely used in today’s modern times. Still, there are some things about Dog the Bounty Hunter that you probably don’t know.

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Dog in the Beginning

Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. His mother was a pastor for the First Assembly of God, who was certain to instill her values and morals in her son. His dad was in the Army where he was a welder, and he made money with a favorite side gig, boxing. Dog had a younger brother and two younger sisters. His mom, according to Dog, was of Native American descent, being half Apache Indian. That might explain why Dog often wears feather in his hair and strongly identifies himself with the Native American culture.

Dog’s past might have started out much like many other American kids, but it didn’t end that way. He has a controversial, and somewhat dark past. Just like his life has continued as an adult, there are some definite upsides, but some definite downsides as well.

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Growing Up Wasn’t Easy

Things weren’t always easy for Dog growing up. His dad, a man who made money by boxing on the side, didn’t leave the physical part of his hobby in the ring. He was notorious for disciplining his children with physical force when he deemed necessary. Dog’s family also struggled to have enough money to make ends meet, and his family often went without food needed to feed the whole family. His rough upbringing forced Dog to drop out of school at the young age of 13. He was only in the seventh grade.

Dropping out of school didn’t help much. Dog joined a motorcycle gang and got heavily involved in criminal activities. He was arrested some 18 times for a variety of criminal activity. To top things off, his wild ways led him to a LaFonda Sue Honeycutt, and the union resulted in a child.

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Behind Bars

Unfortunately for Dog, his wild lifestyle took a terrible turn for the worse; a turn that would change him forever. He was minding his own business sitting in a car waiting on a friend to complete a deal of some sort. The deal didn’t go well, and Dog’s friend shot and killed the man he was talking to. Dog, consequently, was arrested for first degree murder, and was later found guilty in court. He was to serve five years in a Texas State prison.

During his time in prison, Dog received more bad news. His wife, LaFonda, wanted to divorce him. He agreed to the split and LaFonda got custody of their son. She quickly remarried after the divorce was final. The last blow to Dog, the man she remarried was his best friend. Turns out, he wasn’t such a good friend after all.

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Guard Talks About Being a Bounty Hunter

There was something good that came out of Dog’s time in prison though. While serving time, Dog saw a fellow inmate attempting to escape. Dog took the matter into his own hands, ran up to the inmate, and forced him to the ground to keep him from escaping. This act also kept the inmate from being shot by a warden.

Dog’s actions impressed the prison warden who started talking to Dog about becoming a bounty hunter when he was released from prison. Dog was released three and half years early from prison for his good behavior. When he was released with prison he had to appear in court for being behind on child support. The judge suggested Dog become a bounty hunter to pay off the debt to his ex-wife.

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An Ages Old Career

The job of a bounty hunter is to hunt down criminals who have skipped bail. They hunt the criminals down and bring them back to jail to help the legal system be sure they serve all of their time. Bail bondsmen pay bounty hunters a percentage of the bail fee, which can sometimes be a large sum of money, depending on what the criminal had been charged for. Dog began bounty hunting during the 1980’s and continued the job into the mid 2000’s.

The man who would help Dog make a name for himself as a bounty hunter was Andrew Luster. Luster was the heir to a small fortune but had been drugging women and taking advantage of them once they fell asleep from the drugs. He paid his $1 million bail, then left town. Unfortunately for Luster, Dog hunted him down.

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Searching for Luster

The problem with Dog’s hunt was that Luster had escaped to Mexico after he had been sentenced to 124 years in prison for his crimes. Luster was easy enough to hunt down in Mexico. The problem came when they tried to take Luster back across the U.S./Mexico border. Mexican authorities stopped Dog. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico. They stopped Dog from taking Luster to the United States and arrested him and his crew for kidnapping.

Dog paid his own bail and then went to the United States, making himself a fugitive of the law. The Mexican government pressed the United States Government to send Dog and his crew back to Mexico. Dog was no longer the hunter. He had become the hunted. Luster, in the meantime, had been extradited back to the U.S.

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Arrested in Hawaii

Just mere days before the Mexican Statute of Limitations had expired for Dog’s felony kidnapping charges, Dog and his crew was arrested in Honolulu, Hawaii. Extradition had begun, and Dog would spend the next year trying to find someone who could help him and his crew. He contacted U.S. senators, and even contacted Condoleezza Rice. It seemed like he and his crew had no way out of this mess.

Dog believes he was used as a pawn in a prisoner swap game between Mexico and the United States. With all the attention Dog was getting, the Mexican government wanted to convict him even more. The U.S. government was after a Mexican drug lord. Before the countries figured out a swap, the Statute of Limitations expired on Dog’s charges and he was released from Mexican jail once again.

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Going Big Time

The worldwide attention created quite a name for Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman. Producers for a show named Take My Job decided to follow Dog to see what his work, and life, was really like. This appearance led to multiple television show offers until Dog was finally offered his own reality TV show. Dog and his wife, Beth, ran a bail bond company. Beth controlled the goings on of the office, while Dog went out and caught the bad guys.

This would be the highlight of the Dog the Bounty Hunter television show. The show ran from August 2004 to June 2012 on A&E and aired some 250 episodes. It was one of the highest ranked television shows in America and resulted in a spin-off series called Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. Reruns of the show are still playing around the world.

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Dog Has an Entire Pound

Dog has been married a whopping four times and has had children with all but one of those wives. He had his first child when he was just a teenager, but the child’s mom kept the baby a secret from him. The other 11 children, yes, 11 children, 12 total, were from his earlier marriages. He doesn’t have any children with his current wife Beth. Dog keeps in touch with many of his children, and unfortunately, two of them have already passed away.

Dog’s daughter, Lyssa, helps her dad with the family business. One early morning in hunt in Honolulu resulted in Lyssa getting arrested while on the job with her dad. She was banging on a door trying to get a criminal to come out and a neighbor called her in for a noise complaint. One of the responding police offers began filming Lyssa, so she slapped the phone he was recording her with from his hand. She was arrested as a result of her actions.

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Bittersweet Ceremony

Tragedy has seemingly followed Dog around most of his life. The night before his wedding to Beth was certainly no exception. The duo had been planning a perfect union for months and were scheduled to tie the knot the next day at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Hawaii. Sadly, one of Dog’s daughters got drunk that night and stole a car. She raced the car through town and crashed the car, resulting in her death. After talking things over with his family, Dog and Beth decided to proceed with the wedding, but celebrated his daughter’s life during the ceremony.

An estranged step-daughter of Dog is a bit of a wild child as well. In 2015, a local new station showed a video of a bank robbery in an attempt to catch the suspect. The duo immediately new the suspect. It was Dog’s step-daughter Nicole Gillespie. They notified the police and she was arrested. She had been homeless and living in a park.

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The Show’s Over

It only took a phone call to bring the show to an end after several very successful seasons. A phone call of Dog talking was secretly recorded, and in the phone call Dog was taped calling one of his son’s girlfriends the ‘N Word’. Dog wasn’t happy that his son was dating an African American woman. The recording was released to the public, which led to hundreds of complaints addressed to the A&E Network. The show eventually was cancelled, and Dog publicly apologized for the incident.

Dog and Beth: On the Hunt stayed on the air for some 45 episodes, where the couple based their business out of Hawaii. Their sons did most of the dirty work, but the show was cancelled because Leland wanted to start over in Alabama and Dakota had a fall out with his dad. Dog and Beth turned their efforts towards saving the bounty hunting industry after the show was cancelled.

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No Guns for Dog

Due to his previous convictions as a felon, it isn’t legal for Dog to carry a gun or even apply for a gun license. Consequently, Dog takes down all of his fugitives with his bare hands. He has had specialized training in cunning tactics and uses his brute strength to bring down his captives. His crew, however, are all licensed to carry weapons, which they do.

Dog does, however, have a few unorthodox weapons that he has been known to carry, all of which are legal for him. He’s been seen on the show shocking fugitives with a taser and has even used a paintball gun on occasion. If you’ve ever been hit with a paintball, you know those things can really hurt. Paint won’t stop the toughest criminals, so Dog uses a special ammunition on those. He uses pepper paintballs that are filled with pepper spray.

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Lobbying for Bounty Hunters

Dog and his daughters aren’t the only ones in the family to have been in trouble. It seems as if Beth got herself into quite a bit of trouble on a fishing trip in Colorado. Some teenagers were speeding in their car and nearly caused a wreck, which would have involved a lot of her family. Beth shouted and swore out her window at the teens. One of the teens pulled out a gun, and Beth called the police to report the incident. Little did she know that it’s against the law to swear at someone in Colorado, so she ended up being in trouble instead of the teens.

But Beth doesn’t just use her mouth to swear at teens, she’s used it to help the bounty hunter profession through lobbying efforts. She and Dog have put their fame to good use, and Beth has even been elected as the President of the National Bail Bonds Association.

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Bounty Hunting Brawls

When hunting down a bailee, things have been known to get out of hand for Dog and his crew. During one particular hunt in Breckenridge, Colorado, Dog and his crew kickstarted a massive bar fight between them and a guy behind the bar. Dog informed the bartender that he was looking for the owner of the bar. This resulted in the bartender calling Dog a “half-breed.” A fight quickly broke out that resulted in broken glass, plenty of thrown punches, and smashed potted plants. The crew finally left, and without the information they were looking for.

Another well-known fighter was the target of one of Dog’s many hunts. MMA fighter, War Machine, burst into a fit of rage when his girlfriend cheated on him. He assaulted the man, as well as his girlfriend. When War Machine ran after posting bail, Dog posted on Twitter, “You got 24 hours to turn yourself in or I’m coming after you!” Dog hunted him down.

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Meet Leland

The son that Dog had with ex-wife LaFonda right before he entered prison was Leland Chapman. Leland was born seven months after his dad went to prison, and his mom raised him believing that her second husband, Dog’s best friend, was his father. Dog didn’t start visiting his son until he had been released from prison, and his son was already 8-years old. LaFonda had trouble controlling the wild child, and after he joined a gang at the age of 13, like father like son, his mother sent him into the foster care system.

Dog eventually found out his son was in foster care and adopted him, so he could raise him to become the amazing man he is now. Leland, at one time, was a professional boxer and MMA fighter until an injury forced him out of the profession. He was told by doctors after injuring his knee that fighting again could result in the loss of his entire leg. Leland gave up fighting for good and joined the family business with his father.

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What is Dog Worth

Wanna take a crack at what Dog the bounty hunter is worth these days? He’s one of the greatest bounty hunters of our time, and maybe even of all time, and according to reports, his net worth is some $6 million. Most of that money has been earned through his work as a bail bondsman and bounty hunter, but he’s made more than the average bounty hunter through his television deals. Dog has also written a couple of books, and he has his own souvenir shop too.

His shop offers a wide array of Dog gear including hunting gear, t-shirts, and loads of other cool items. The shop is located in Honolulu, Hawaii, where Dog currently calls home. He has another thriving store in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. Other shops have been opened as well, but not all have done as well as the one in Honolulu and Denver locations. A couple have already had to close doors.

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The Troubled Nephew

If you were ever a fan of the television show Dog the Bounty Hunter you might remember Dog and Beth’s troubled nephew, Justin Bihag. He appeared several times on the show, but once the show ended, he began to suffer from bouts of depression. He was caught doing drugs on multiple occasions, and even lost custody of his own child. He’s had multiple trips to jail, and has been in and out of the courtroom for various crimes.

While working as a bounty hunter for Dog and Beth, he had a terrible car accident. He lost control of the vehicle he was driving and struck a tree. He lost part of his leg in the accident and hasn’t ever been the same. One episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter covered the accident and aftermath, with Justin’s permission. Justin now claims that he was promised a bunch of money for allowing the episode and says he hasn’t received the money he was promised. He has failed to admit that the accident was a result of him driving under the influence.

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Fighting the Good Fight

Since leaving television, Dog has made it his life goal to stay on the right side of the law. He has even gained some good friends on the police force. He’s went on to fight for the boys in blue to ensure that they receive livable, fair wages. He has fought for their wages in Georgia, Wisconsin, and California.

Dog has spent a lot of time in California where he has campaigned against laws that would end the bail system, a move that would allow criminals to be free assuming that they would return for court at a later date. Beth and Dog have admitted to being keen Republicans and went to Washington for the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Both also supported Hillary Clinton in the past with Dog saying he felt that Clinton would have been able to handle ISIS.

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