When Karma Bites Back

Let’s be honest; there is nothing more comforting than seeing something bad happen to those people who have treated you badly. While we all like to say that we rise above situations, it just isn’t true. There’s nothing better than watching justice be served to that person who pranked you. Sometimes it might take a while, but it always comes back to bite them in the butt.

Karma Bites Back 0

As we all know, what goes around comes around. Karma is a sweet thing in life that always seems to help us out. However, karma isn’t always captured on camera. When it is, the results are hilarious. We’ve put together the funniest photos of when karma bites back. You won’t want to miss the hilarious results.

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The Bunny Ear Prank

This slice of karma is pretty mild, but it goes to show that you shouldn’t prank your friend. These two were taking a harmless smiling photo, but one friend decided to put some bunny ears behind her friend’s head. The joke is a favorite classic of many, and people don’t notice it until they look at the photos later.

Karma Bites Back 1

However, this bunny ear prank didn’t go quite like it was supposed to. The way the lights were shining made the shadows go to the right a bit. While the bunny ears are still on the friend’s head, the shadow bunny ears end up directly over the girl’s own head. Karma decided to immediately strike back with this little prankster.

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Not so Tough Now

Getting a parking ticket is the absolute worst. You can sit there and tell the officer that you were about to move your car, but you still get the ticket! Then, you have to go in and pay the fee, which burns a hole in your pocket. We all wish that they could get a taste of their own medicine.

Karma Bites Back 2

Well, karma heard us out because this parking enforcement officer got exactly what we were all hoping for. A ticket is plastered to his window because they decided to park in an illegal spot! Perhaps they thought because they were parking enforcement that they could get away with it. Not in this city! That had to be a hard pill to swallow.

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No Special Privileges

This slice of karma goes to show that no matter who you are, you don’t get special privileges. The law enforcement officer thought that they could park in a fire zone without getting in trouble. Maybe they even had a good reason as to why they did what they did. However, that reason wasn’t good enough.

Karma Bites Back 3

Just like so many of us have done before, we bet this officer pleaded to be let off the hook. Unfortunately, karma had it out for them. The tires on their vehicle were locked down so that they couldn’t leave. While this definitely teaches them a lesson, we don’t understand how it actually helps the situation. Either way, the fire zone is still blocked.

You won’t believe the hilarious results from a thief. Click ‘Next’ to see what the person did to get back.

An Unintelligent Thief

When you get something stolen from you, you immediately panic. One of the worst things to get stolen is your phone. There is so much information on our phones these days that it is almost impossible not to freak out when you find out that your phone is missing. Oftentimes, the phones don’t get found and remain stolen forever.

Karma Bites Back 4

However, karma was looking out for the owner of this phone. It turns out that police were able to locate her phone once again and she received it back. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well for the man who took her phone. He had logged into his Facebook on her phone, so when she got it back she got to post whatever she wanted. She posted all about his stealing problem, which was probably quite embarrassing once he got released from jail.

It’s every day that our siblings frustrate us. Click ‘Next’ to see how one sibling fixed a problem between them.

Sibling Rivalry

How many times did your siblings steal something of yours growing up? This is a common thing that happens in households, and there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with one of your siblings. When one brother had enough of his sister, he decided he needed to teach her a lesson. Apparently the sister stole $20 from him, and he wasn’t going to let that slide.

Karma Bites Back 5

Instead of forgiving her, he decided to hide her science project in one of the 16 random folders he created on her laptop. In addition to those 16 folders, he put three sub folders inside. We bet that took her a lot of time trying to find her project. This is classic sibling rivalry, but if she hadn’t stolen the $20 then she would have been fine. Lesson learned!

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How Do You Like it Now?

Cats are the best and the worst. There are times where they are extremely lovable, and there are times where you want nothing but to get them out of your face. One of those times is when your cat sits lovingly on your laptop. You’re sitting there and trying to get some work done when all of a sudden your keyboard is blocked. It’s the worst.

Karma Bites Back 6

What the cat didn’t consider is that their owner is actually bigger than them. When the cat was unassumingly sleeping on the bed, the owner decided to give the cat a taste of its own medicine. He placed the laptop on him and then snapped this photo. Karma happens to pets too.

Hypocrites are the worst. See how one just got served by clicking ‘Next.’ It is absolutely hilarious!

Hypocritical Posting

You know when there’s a pretentious person online that you just get sick of? Maybe you post something claiming that they aren’t very special after all. Hopefully, if you do that you know your stuff. If you find yourself in a field that you don’t know anything about, you probably shouldn’t have said anything in the first place.

Karma Bites Back 7

That’s true with this person. He bashes anyone for claiming that they have read The Great Gatsby, but when someone puts the first line of the book down in a comment, he suddenly gets defensive and finally claims he never read the book. It is clear that the man was caught out of his element. It’s too bad that karma decided to get him right then and there.

One person’s shortcut quickly turned into a long day. Click ‘Next’ to see what happened to this nice car!

Trying to Make it

When there’s a huge pile up of cars, you have to wonder what the deal is. Suddenly, you see a lane that is completely clear. Sure, it has a few cones, but that can’t mean anything, right? Unfortunately, it does. This car didn’t think to process this information before trying to take the shortcut.

Karma Bites Back 8

Instead of waiting in the traffic like everyone else, this guy was completely out of line. The car then got stuck in wet concrete because the city was redoing the street. Had he just stopped and waited like everyone else this wouldn’t have happened to him. After seeing your car ruined, you have to be pretty upset with yourself. Hey, you know what they say about karma.

This dog was not having being left in the car. Click ‘Next’ to see how he exacted his revenge instead.

Take Me With You

Having pets is hard sometimes. Should you take them with you to the store? Should you leave them at home? It seems like you can never win. However, this owner decided to take their dog to the store with them. What they forgot to do was actually take the dog out of the car and into the store.

Karma Bites Back 9

This dog was not happy about that. Instead of being taken on an adventure, he was stuck in a car for forever! Unfortunately, when duty calls, duty calls. This dog couldn’t hold it any longer, so he had to let it go somewhere. We bet the owner was pretty upset when he got back to find that his dog had let it go all on his dash. He definitely learned his lesson.

This person was done being sent junk mail. Click ‘Next’ to see how he ensured it never happened again.

A Brilliant Way to Stop

No one likes getting junk mail. However, junk mail still gets sent on a daily basis. It’s like they think if someone gets enough of their junk mail then they are finally going to sign up. Unfortunately, some people aren’t as nice as others. While many ignore the junk mail, this person was fed up with it coming to his house.

Karma Bites Back 10

Almost all junk mail comes with an envelope that you can send back with a prepaid label. They have to pay the shipping cost at a later date. Most envelopes cost about 50 cents to send, so it isn’t a big deal. However, this man was not joking around. He sent a bunch of pennies back to the junk mail people, and it wasn’t cheap. The final postage cost $17.

You won’t believe what happens to this woman and her car. Click ‘Next’ to see how she became a hypocrite.

Critical Assessment

There’s nothing worse when you know that you just became a huge hypocrite. Why do we even say things that are negative? We know that they are going to come back to haunt us! This person learned that much faster than the average person. They had just posted on Facebook that day about how no one knows how to drive.

Karma Bites Back 11

She should have seen it coming, but she clearly didn’t. Just two hours later she posted that she had totaled her car. Karma truly is the worst. While this may have still happened if she hadn’t posted her first status, we think that karma did this to her just because she was negative about other people.

It isn’t every day that hunters have to pay. Click ‘Next’ to see the scary karma that happened here!

Hunters Beware

Hunters always post with the animals they kill. Some people love this and some people hate this. Like most things, it is just a fact of life. However, there are some hunters who see karma happen to them over the course of the years. While no one wishes harm on another person, it’s pretty funny that this photo happened.

Karma Bites Back 12

Posing with a bear that they had just shot and killed, they forgot to look behind them. When the camera flashes, a bear can be seen in the background. He’s clearly looking out for his buddy that they just killed. Let’s hope that the bear walked away calmly and the humans were alright!

One person’s bad parking taught them an important lesson. Click ‘Next’ to see how karma got them back.

Don’t Park Here

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t park in front of a fire hydrant. While it might not pose an immediate threat, this can quickly turn dangerous if the fire department needs the hydrant to get the fire out. Instead of going around the car that broke the law, the fire department decided to teach these folks a lesson.

Karma Bites Back 13

They broke through the windows of the car to lace the hose through and get the fire out. The car is surely ruined, and all this happened because they decided to break the law and park in front of a fire hydrant. We can bet that they never parked in front of a fire hydrant ever again.

You won’t believe what this woman did to her friend with cancer. Click ‘Next’ to see the despicable results.

A Harsh Take

If someone helps you out during your hard time then you need to treat them with respect. This is especially true if your friend is going through some hard stuff themselves. This Facebook post talks about a woman battling cancer who let her friend stay with her because she had nowhere else to go. Pretty much sounds like a saint.

Karma Bites Back 14

The woman who was staying with her friend decided to steal the medicine her friend needed for her cancer treatments. She also stole the clothes from her home! This was not only disrespectful, but despicable. Thankfully, she left herself logged in on Facebook, so the woman got her karma back by posting what a horrible friend she had been.

This taxi driver’s hit and run didn’t go as planned. Click ‘Next’ to see how his plan was completely foiled.

Hit and Run

Taxi drivers in other countries are pretty much known to be the worst. There are many times where you have to hold your breath and pray that you are going to survive the journey. One taxi driver in Dublin hit a bicyclist who fell right off his bike. Instead of stopping, he sped off like it didn’t happen.

Karma Bites Back 15

The only problem was that his license plate was left behind. We can all assume that this was not done on purpose. Who knows what happened to the taxi driver, but we hope that he got in a lot of trouble for what he did! Karma is great in situations like these.

You never know who you’re speaking to, so you have to be careful. See what happens here by clicking ‘Next.’

That’s Pretty Rough

Searching for a new job can be hard, but finally landing an interview feels like the best feeling in the world. Unfortunately, that can turn into something pretty bad if you don’t treat everyone with respect. When one man was grabbing a parking spot, he didn’t think that it was bad to steal the parking spot from someone else.

Karma Bites Back 16

He even said some profanity to the man’s face! Well, karma sure is interesting because the man he just swore at was actually the boss he was supposed to be interviewing with. It’s safe to say that he didn’t get the job. Just remember, you never know who you’re talking to!

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Becoming a Hazard

People who take up more than one parking spot are the worst. Do they do it on purpose? Are they horrible drivers? We are never going to get the answer to those questions. However, if someone takes up four parking spaces, they are doing something wrong. It’s rude and uncalled for.

Karma Bites Back 17

The people decided to strike back against the person who did just that. When this person came back to their car, they were probably shocked. It has hazard cones and all types of streamers and other things strewn across the surface of it. It goes to show that you shouldn’t mess with karma!

This person learned to never steal food again. Find out why by clicking ‘Next.’ The results weren’t pretty!

Don’t Steal Food

People who steal food never make sense to us. How do you know the food wasn’t poison? Unfortunately, the person who stole this food item found out pretty quickly that what he had was practically poison. What may have looked like two peanut butter ice cream bars was actually far from that.

Karma Bites Back 18

It turns out that the man’s dog was constipated, and those frozen ice cream bars were just frozen dog laxatives mixed with some peanut butter. Here’s hoping that it didn’t taste very good and the person spit it out. Otherwise, they probably had a very long couple of days ahead of them. At least it would teach them to stop stealing others’ food.

This person saw a business opportunity and took it. See how karma was involved by clicking ‘Next.’

Taking the Opportunity

In a coffee shop, you should respect others and not be very loud. However, not everyone follows these rules. Two men were talking loudly about different website names, and everyone was sick and tired of hearing them. Karma decided to strike back in the form of the person sitting behind them.

Karma Bites Back 19

The man turned toward them and said that he had bought all the domain names that they had been discussing so loudly. If they wanted the names then they would have to pay the man for them. Instead of giving up the money, the two left the coffee shop. Here’s hoping that the men didn’t really like the names they came up with!

This mom took karma into her own hands when her teen frustrated her. Find out what happened by clicking ‘Next.’

Mom Doesn’t Play

When a child does something that makes a mother mad, you have to watch out. There are no bounds to what mothers may do to the children they are upset with! A teenage boy found that out pretty quickly when he decided to drive his truck home while intoxicated.

Karma Bites Back 20

The mom decided that she would sell the truck to the highest bidder. She even put the story in the newspaper about her 16 year old son driving drunk. It was clear that she was not playing around one bit. Good for her! Karma definitely won in this round.

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