The Juul In the Crown of The E-Cigarette Industry Restricts Sales

E-cigarette giant Juul is back in the news today after they’ve discontinued the sales of fruit flavors in brick-and-mortar stores to comply with the new regulations and suggestions released by the FDA.

As part of an ongoing investigation that culminated a raid at Juul’s headquarters back in September, the Food and Drug Administration gave Juul Labs 60 days to come up with a way to stop teenagers from using their products. In a recent announcement, Juul Labs has released their solution: discontinue the sale of some flavors in favor of others, delete their social media accounts, and require age verification for online purchases.

Juul’s announcement mirrors FDA commissioner Scott Gotlieb’s recent proposal to restrict the sale of e-juice and other flavored products to only those above the age of 18. This measure comes in the wake of a larger cultural conversation about nicotine addictions cropping up in middle and high schools en masse.

Many consider the Juul, a slim, flash-drive shaped device, to be partially responsible for this problem: and rightfully so. The United States government estimates that 3.6 million United States kids and teens are using e-cigarettes, a market that Juul Labs has a 75% market share in. The number of high school students who have vaped in the last 30 days increased nearly 80% this year, in a report released by the FDA. This number alarmed Commissioner Gotlieb and inspired him to take action against the company.

Juul Labs, which two former smokers founded together, has always billed itself as a way to help smokers stop combustible cigarettes. With this temporary pause in the sale of fruit flavors, perhaps the company can get back to its mission.

Have you ever used a Juul? Have a story of trying to stop smoking? We’d love to hear it! Leave your comments down below!

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