Inventive Ways to Stay in Shape in the Winter

Just because it’s horrible outside, it doesn’t mean you have a valid reason to lose out on working out. Working out during winter is just as important as working out in the summer. During winter, our bodies tends to feel less active and therefore we are prone to gain some unnecessary fat. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Who says staying in shape has to be stressful? Try one of these interesting activities, and you won’t even remember its winter or that you’re working out to stay in shape.

Go Running

Yes, you may think this is one crazy thing to do in the ice and snow, but believe it or not, many running enthusiasts out there absolutely love winter running. Put on your nice pair of warm clothes and shoes, and get ready to burn some calories. Make sure to get some treads on your shoes, though, so they don’t slip!

Stay in Shape in the Winter 1

 Go Ice-Skating

You’d be surprised as to how many calories you’ll burn with a single ice-skating session. It is really fun and less demanding than other work outs. You see, staying in shape during winter can also be an enjoyable challenge.

 Go Hit A Gym

Hitting the gym might prove challenging in these cold periods, but the profound benefits are still worth the effort.  Get off the couch, pack an old T-shirt, a pair of sneakers, and you’re set to pump your blood. Are you a fan of lifting weights? If no, try register for a class, most classes are designed to be both fun and motivating. The most important thing about this gym is this: don’t think it, just do it.

Exercise At Home

Sure, there are tons of exercises you can do at home from push-ups and planks to sit-ups and squats. The only thing you need is motivation, and since you’re not in the mood to go out, at least fully optimize your efficiency at home. You can even get some good cardio in by running in place while watching TV. It only takes 30 minutes per day.

Stay in Shape in the Winter 2


Hockey is the winter alternative of football. What’s more, hockey is one of the toughest games out there. This could be your only motivation to take along your friends, kids, and head straight to the closest hockey rink. If you’re a little experienced with ice-skating, you won’t find it difficult to get into a decent match.


Since you’re occupied with lesser activity during the winter chill, it’s critical to keep a close watch on your nutritional life. It doesn’t mean you have to become obsessed with calories or BMI, but just focuses more on fruits and vegetables, and less to sweets and fast foods. Is that really difficult? No!


Just like those golden summer days, go out and play when the weather is not too cold nor snowy. Take your children or dog to your favorite location or park. Build a snowman or gather your kids and friends and start a snowball fight. You can even dance in your living room.  Your aim is not to become the next bodybuilding champ, but just to burn a few calories. A few hours of outdoor play certainly can do the trick.

Be Flexible

This season change is a great opportunity to switch up your workout routine. If your favorite workout is running, but you don’t want to run in the winter, you can try out yoga, or include strength training to your routine.

On those frosty days, you can also try out step-ups on the bottom steps of your staircase. This is great for a cardio workout. What’s more, you can add a little resistance training with your own body or with bands. If you’re finding it hard to fit workouts into those short winter days, remember it is not necessary to do it all at once. Increasing your heart rate for 10 minutes in three complete sessions daily yields fitness benefits.

Bonus tips- Stay safe and smart

Layer up- study the wind chill factor before going out to prevent frostbite. Focus on your extremities and keep your hands, ears, and feet toasty and covered. Go along with a buddy if you’re taking up sports like cross-country skiing where you might be out in the elements. If you’re planning to hit the trail alone, make sure you have your cell phone and someone out there knows where you are. Watch weather forecasts. Look through the windows. If you notice any doubt or future trouble while you’re outside, get inside and plan an indoor workout.

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