Interactive, Online Learning for Your Kids Good for Their Health

The one thing that schools don’t think about is the fact that even though they, the teachers, are free from children screaming around for one week, the children’s parents cannot even be home to take care of them. The mix of schedules between caretakers and the kids is a huge problem that exists every year and even though it never changes, a solution to the problem is difficult to come by. Camps and babysitters are a big hit, but you can also find that some of the kids are left alone at home to fend for themselves.

Though they cannot leave the house, the parents are left with the responsibility of keeping them occupied for the six or more hours they are away for work. Fortunately, you can use that time away from school to entertain your children not only with games, puzzles, and stories that they find interesting, you can also find something that educates them, as well.

School curriculum only covers a certain amount of topics, and with these topics, they only go so far in depth. There are not enough hours in a school day to cover the topics to educate the kids to the fullest. Fortunately, there are programs and websites that can introduce and explain to your kids in a fun way about their bodies and what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When interacting with these websites, your children should be having so much fun, that they don’t even realize that they’re learning.

Instead of searching countless websites and spending money on programs or apps to keep your kids learning and entertained at the same time, we’ve laid out six of our favorite websites that help keep your kid interacted and engaged, without having their brains rot with mindless computer and video games.

Here are our favorite and top six websites to check out when you want to entertain and educate your children, or even students, at the same time about important health information that they take with them throughout their lives.


This website has stories for your child to read, word games to challenge them with health vocabulary, and food group, meal, and fun farm games. All of the different places on the map of Solusville on the main page, are clickable and interactive. On this site, there are a ton of games that have a health, recipe, food, or an active theme to help your child have fun but learn at the same time. You can also find videos and loads of information for you to go through with your child.


Not only does this website focus on giving information to kids and teens on food and health topics, but also covers a multitude of emotional, mental and behavioral issues that you or they may encounter while they are growing up. Though this website doesn’t have too many games for your kids to win, they have lots of videos and quizzes filled with information of any questions that you or they may have while going through puberty or everyday situations.

3.CDC’s BAM! Body and Mind

This interactive story and quiz website is for your older kids who love a good comic book. The website, targeting kids from ages 9-12, features games and quizzes that can engage your kids to be competitive, have fun, and also learn a whole lot! This website also has a “Teacher’s Corner” that provides topics that can be incorporated into classroom activities.

4.Dairy Council of California

This website from the Dairy Council of California features games and activities that can help teach your child about the right food to eat, how much exercise you need, and a bundle of information, such as what are the right snacks to eat, or what to choose at the mall to eat that is best for you. From different videos and games, there is an activity for your child to do that is entertaining and educational about nutrition.


This interactive game sign has coloring pages, math and matching games, and activity pages. Ranging from even age 2 to age 8, these games are a great method to use when teaching and trying to engage your children in learning about their body. The website was founded by Better Health Foundation.

6.Scrub Club

The Scrub Club’s website is an interactive website solely dedicated to teaching your kids about good personal hygiene. Having characters on the site, like the Scrub Club and their villains gives a personality to the website and helps your children follow along easily. The website features web episodes for your child to watch and learn, in a fun way, about hygiene and keeping healthy.

The website also gives you and your child the opportunity to join the scrub club and play games on the website. They also have downloadable additions for your younger children, for instance, downloadable music that can help teach your kids about hand-washing, etc. There are also multiple activities, such as storybooks, coloring pages, activity sheets and bathroom posters to hang up around the house for your kids. You can also download screensaver and activities or posters in French or Spanish.

We hope that these websites can engage your child in ways that maybe not achievable in school. With the freedom to roam about on these educational pages, your child can find themselves playing games, reading interactive stories, or watching videos that are not only informative but also entertaining. It is important to find a balance between entertaining and informing when it comes to engaging your child in topics that might not be all that interesting. To keep their attention can be difficult, but through these interactive websites, your child can learn more and more about themselves, their health, and their bodies!

Do you use these sites with your children? Let us know which sites are good for interactive, online learning.


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