Incredibly Giant Real Animals Who Defy Belief

Did you know there are huge beasts that are walking this earth today? Not just wild animals but domesticated as well. The creatures in this list are not digitally enhanced in any way, but they are definitely an unbelievable sight! Prepare to be amazed at some of the worlds remarkable giants. From the creepiest of insects to the cutest of domesticated animals, these large beasts of all species do not disappoint. They are sure to excite and amaze you as you continue reading.

Giant George Was One Great Dog

Giant George was a Great Dane that measured 3’7’’ tall and 7’3” long! He was a family pet from Tucson, Arizona, which quickly garnered attention for his huge frame and gentle demeanor. He was great with adults and children. Giant George made many local and national television appearances throughout his life. Unfortunately, the popular canine passed away in 2013 at almost eight-years old. There are many online memorials in his honor, making him one well-loved dog.

Beware of the Moose

Rocky and Bullwinkle aren’t as innocent as it appears on the show. Moose are actually pretty dangerous creatures, and they give a fright to lots of people throughout the changing seasons. If your car hits a moose, you have to be worried about surviving the impact. Moose are a lot bigger than what we think. Always slow down and give moose their space, and most of the time they won’t touch you. However, get too close to them, and you might find yourself on the wrong end of their large bodies!

Full of Bull

This beautiful white bull is the size of a monster, but its personality is far from that. As a UK native, this monster bull lives his life like any other cow. He’s larger than the man he is standing next to, and the owner couldn’t be prouder of his height. The only problem with this animal is feeding it. Sure, there are rolling hills that could be grazed, but you better have a large sized property to ensure this fella has enough to eat!

Darius, The Friendly Rabbit

Meet one of the largest rabbits known to exist. Darius the rabbit was over four-feet long and nearly weighed in at 50 pounds! His owner estimates he could go through 360 carrots, 15 cabbages, and 30 delicious apples in just a month’s time. Sadly, Darius died under mysterious circumstances this last April while he was on an airplane. He was on his way to meet his new owners. They were saddened they never got to know him.

Hello Big Kitty

Samson is named the biggest cat of New York City! He is an impressive 28 pounds and is four-feet long. Although, he is rather large, he is a fit and healthy animal. His owner boasts he is strong and sturdy. There is no telling what he feeds his cat to get him this big. Although, he is a Maine Coon, they typically don’t grow as large as Samson. There is no doubt he has easily won his claim to fame!

One Pampered Cat

Samson is one of a kind, and the pictures really don’t do him justice! Every morning he waits at the bedroom door of his owner, eager to lie on his stomach and cuddle. According to his family, the feline receives hundreds of pieces of fan mail per day and revels in his new-found notoriety. You can tell just from the photos that this cat is well loved. He only gets the best of everything. He knows where his bread is buttered!

The Liger

Hercules is the world’s largest living cat. He is a hybrid stemming from a male lion and female tiger. Weighing in at an unbelievable 922 pounds, his 11-foot length and four-foot height is legendary! Ligers are not natural in the wild and have only lived in captivity. They are known to be huge once they become adults, but Hercules really takes it up a notch! He currently lives in South Carolina where he is hand fed by his owners.

Giant Animals 20

The World’s Tallest Horse

Big Jake is a sight to behold. At almost seven-feet tall, this 2,600-pound horse is a vision of pure power and strength. The four-legged animal comes from a farming town in Michigan where he has lived all of his life. Described by his owners as having a kind nature and temperament, it seems the 11-year-old gelding is a gentle giant. He’s a great eater too—consuming almost two bales of hay and 40 quarts of oats on a daily basis!

Largest Freshwater Fish

A huge freshwater stingray was recently spotted off the shores of Thailand. The large fish is thought to be the biggest ever documented catch and release found anywhere in the world. The endangered species came in at over seven-feet across and 14-feet long! When caught, researchers had a hard time handling the stingray. They couldn’t get an exact reading of its weight but estimate the beast to weigh in close to 800 pounds! Based on its size, the ray is believed to be around 40-years old!

Giant Animals 5

Amazingly Huge Coconut Crabs

Coconut crabs are so large, they can break apart coconuts with their claws—hence their name! Found on the islands of the Pacific and Indian oceans, they can grow up to three-feet long and can weigh close to 10 pounds! These crabs are fearless by nature, and they have been known to not only eat coconuts but also dead animals. They are antisocial by nature, and they are dangerous once confronted. These mean crabs can live up to 40 years under the right conditions.

Giant Animals 6

Bird Eating Tarantulas

Yes, you read that right—bird eating tarantulas exist…and they are huge. Goliath tarantulas are found in South America and can have a leg span of almost a foot long! Their fangs are large enough to pierce through human skin! Thankfully, their venom is harmless. The spiders can weigh close to half of a pound and can be as large as your dinner plate. They prefer the rain forests of the southern continents and usually leave us humans alone. Phew!

Giant Animals 7

The Incredible Cow

Danniel is a Holstein cow that lives on a family farm in California. Although Holsteins are known to be rather large, Danniel knocks his fellow cows out of the water. The abnormally huge steer is over six-feet tall and weighs 2,300 pounds! His owner states that he can eat 100 pounds of hay a day and drink 100 gallons of water. He was raised by the family to be a pet, so he has a wonderful demeanor towards everyone. He is a gentle beast!

Giant Animals 8

The Flying Fox

The huge golden-crowned flying fox is considered to be one of the bigger bat species found in the world. It lives in Asia and can grow a wingspan of over five-feet long! Although not aggressive, the bats can still be deadly. They carry diseases that can kill humans. The nocturnal animal primarily eats fruits such as figs and leaves. They are on the endangered list, and a lot of effort is being done to keep the animal population growing.

Giant Animals 9

The Incredible Goliath Frog

The Goliath Frog is the largest frog in the world. They can come in at over a foot long and weigh over seven pounds. Found in Cameroon, the African frog can be found in its rivers and marshes. The frogs typically eat smaller frogs, turtles, and even snakes. Living up to 20 years, their population is decreasing due to local residents capturing them for food or to be sold as pets. Many researchers have taken to the continent to preserve the remaining colonies.

Giant Animals 10

Lolong The Crocodile

Lolong the crocodile was the largest crocodile to have lived in captivity. Measuring over 20-feet long and almost 2,400 pounds, he was a reptilian behemoth that could instill fear in even the biggest of men! Lolong was found and captured in the Philippine salt waters by the country’s government and its residents. The mean beast was thought to have killed many fisherman and residents over the years. Lolong died in 2013 after living in an ecotourism park for two years.

Giant Animals 1

Giant Freshwater Catfish

Thailand is home to the world’s largest catfish that has ever been caught. The fish is almost nine-feet long and weighs close to 650 pounds! This Mekong giant catfish was recently caught in the freshwater and has been compared to the size as a grizzly bear. The catch took over an hour to reel into shore. It died shortly after it reached land despite efforts to keep it alive.

Giant Animals 11

Big And Beautiful Butterfly

The Queen Alexandra’s birdwing is named the largest butterfly in the world. The wingspan of the female butterfly is almost 10 inches long, while its body reaches a little over 3 inches in length. The beautiful butterflies live in a very small area of the tropical forests of Papua New Guinea. The insect is very endangered and is now being observed by researchers for preservation efforts. Like all butterflies, the Queen Alexandra birdwing sips on nectar for its food source.

Giant Animals 12

Chinese Giant Salamander

The Chinese Giant Salamander is the largest of its kind. It comes from the waters of China and is considered a living fossil since it belongs to a family of species that dates back 170 million years ago. The typical giant salamander weighs around 60 pounds and can reach up to 4-feet in length. It makes unusual sounds as well, as a form of communication. The amphibious creatures can bark and cry to get its point across. How odd!

Giant Animals 14

African Giant Snail

This aggressively invasive land snail is so large, that it is known to decimate large crops and plants in its wake. The African Giant Snail is from East Africa and can now be seen in different countries due to black market trading and selling. An adult giant snail can reach around three inches in height and close to 10 inches in length. The pest usually eats just plants and other forms of vegetation. They can live up to 10-years old.

Giant Animals 15

Monster Rat

This rat was caught and killed in London next to a busy children’s playground. The huge rodent measured four-feet long and weighed almost 25 pounds! Thankfully, it was found dead! No one knows how the rat got as big as it did. Some think it may have been an unwanted pet that was set loose, while others believe it to just be a freak of nature. Whatever the case was, residents are weary to see another one appear sooner rather than later.

Giant Animals 16

Giant Weta

The New Zealand Giant Weta are a group or species of insects found only on the Pacific island. Weighing up to three ounces, its name in Maori means “god of ugly things.” The description is certainly fitting. The insects have been known to feast on carrots and other forms of vegetation. It looks like a cricket, but it cannot fly. Why? The body is too heavy to be carried into the air! These creepy things are a nightmare to look at but in reality, are relatively benign.

Giant Animals 17

Goliath Beetle

The Goliath Beetle is one of the largest insects in the world. They can reach up to four inches long when they are a full adult. They are commonly found in the African forests, where they feast on sap and fruit. The beetle is usually docile in nature, and flies away when confronted or scared. They first appeared on the earth over 300 million years ago, making them a prehistoric monster of an insect. Their population has had steady growth year over year.

Giant Animals 18

Largest Tortoise

Goliath the tortoise grew to be the largest of its kind to ever be in captivity. Coming in at a whopping 900 pounds, this tortoise was one for the story books! He died at age 42. Goliath was over four-feet long. He came from the Galapagos Islands, where giant turtles are plentiful. Since he grew up in captivity, many think his life was cut short by not living alone in his natural environment.

Giant Animals 19

Swim at Your Own Leisure

The ocean seems like a whole different world, and it’s for a good reason. There are so many creatures in the ocean that we know little about, so it makes sense to respect the ocean as a fierce competitor. Take a look at this fish, for example! This oarfish was swimming close to the ocean shoreline. The giant is so humongous that it takes over 10 people to hold it up! That is record breaking!

Giant Animals 22

Larger Than the Sun

The most harmless creature in the ocean may be this huge fish! This Sunfish sure are big, no doubt about it. Thankfully, these fish are completely docile and inflict no harm to humans who are swimming in the deep water. These strange looking fish are the largest and heaviest fish in the world! They can grow to be over eight-feet long and weigh more than a ton. It is a good thing that they are not predators! Otherwise, we could be in trouble.

Giant Animals 23

Biggest Stars Around

Who doesn’t love starfish? They have a mysterious quality to them, and they are fun to look at. Most of the starfish we know are palm sized, while some are even smaller than that. Well, these guys are the complete opposite! These starfish are far from fitting in the palm of our hands. They were found deep in the ocean waters where we still have so much exploring to do. These are prime examples of that! The starfish that are being displayed are monstrous!

Giant Animals 24

Quit Sluggin’ Around

Slugs are often unwanted pests. They destroy plants and leave an icky slime in the process. There is no telling what this slug could do to your garden! The bright pink intruder can give anyone a fright! It is hard to miss. This giant slug measures over seven inches! It isn’t poisonous, but it can still do quite a bit of damage to your lawn and garden. Can you imagine the goo that comes with this thing? What a nightmare!

Giant Animals 25

Your Greatest Fear

People who fear the ocean usually are scared of the unknown. We don’t know what lays beneath the water. There could be monsters in the water that are swimming just a few feet away from us! Just like this giant squid. This squid is a sight to behold. It is larger than a semi-truck and can probably do some damage. They stay deep in the ocean waters where most humans never have the chance to venture. Let’s keep it that way.

Giant Animals 26

Watch Out for the Bear

Bears often scare people senseless.  This one is no exception! Standing up, grizzly bears can be almost double the size of an average human, which means you don’t stand a chance if they are provoked. These bears get especially aggressive if they feel bothered or challenged. If you encounter a large grizzly, it is best to stay as still as you can until you can safely escape. Once they get their claws on you, it is downhill from there!

Giant Animals 27

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Hippos are extremely dangerous, but their large size and few teeth make humans think that they aren’t nearly as feisty as they can be. In reality, hippos are extremely territorial, and they can easily defend what they think is theirs. Hippos’ jaws can crush animal and human bones easily. Despite the danger, hunters are constantly threatening the dwindling population. The huge animal can kill, but it is still no competition when it comes to a human with a weapon.

Giant Animals 28

When Two Animals Collide

The Japanese spider crab looks exactly like what its name suggests. Its extremely long legs look just like a daddy long leg spider! It’s a bit freaky. Those claws look dangerous. The Japanese spider crab has legs that are almost as long as a person’s body. Their legs are spiky and sharp, and they are prepared to fight! This crab doesn’t look very excited to be trapped in such a small pool. That man better watch out!

Giant Animals 29

The Largest Whale

There’s no doubt about it, whales are huge creatures. Most of the time they remain pretty docile, but there have been incidents of whales destroying boats and injuring humans. Killer whales aren’t the biggest ones out there but keeping them captive has led to the death of some humans. Whales do come in all shape and sizes. The largest in the ocean is the blue whale. It is considered to be the biggest animal on earth, measuring 30 feet!

Giant Animals 30

The Bird to Fear

There are tons of horror movies that focus on birds. Millions of people are afraid of birds, but the true bird to fear is the ostrich. Sure, they can’t fly anywhere and look harmless, but don’t be fooled! Ostriches are very aggressive, and they often tower above humans by a few feet. Their powerful bodies can mow you down in a heartbeat, and their beaks offer no forgiveness. They sure are fierce birds!

Giant Animals 32

Not So Friendly Mascot

Polar bears are pretty aggressive animals. While their cute face may welcome you, keep your distance! They can strike at any moment and can kill anyone and anything within seconds. Their paws and claws are lethal. There have been numerous reports of people becoming victims of a polar bear attack. They are severely mauled or killed jut because they got too close. They can grow to be rather large, nearly 1,000 pounds! That’s a force you don’t want to encounter.

Giant Animals 33

Sting of Death

When we watched Finding Nemo, children everywhere were warned about the effects of jellyfish. Their stings come with a big punch, and you should always be on the lookout for them in the ocean water. Jellyfish are usually pretty small, and their stings don’t do much more than irritate or swell up our skin. However, sometimes jellyfish can grow to be these giant creatures. Anyone who gets close to these giant tentacles is asking to be killed! The sting alone is a killer.

Giant Animals 34

Big and Smart

You can’t talk about giant animals without talking about elephants. Elephants are the keepers of the jungle, and their sheer size is intimidating. They can grow to be over 10-feet tall. Usually, they are calm creatures, but if spooked they can destroy anything in its path. Elephants are beautiful creatures that are meant to be looked at from afar. They aren’t considered to be territorial or pose a threat to humans. Consider them a friend to us humans!

Giant Animals 35

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