Incredibly Funny Zoo Signs

Zoos are family-friendly places where we can watch the wild kingdom in action. There are animals of all sizes and species that we can discover. We can spend a full day here and still want more! Even though zoos are meant to entertain us, there is another side to these animal parks you need to see!

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Hilarious zoo signs have now become a popular way to get a guest’s attention while delivering an important message! Take a look at the ones on this list. They are side-splitting billboards that deserve attention! You aren’t going to believe some of the one-liners these zoos have come up with. These are going to keep you laughing for a long time!

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A Whole New World

This sign accurately describes how people have come to live in this day and age. We no longer interact with each other. Instead, we’ve allowed technology to take over the world! Not a day goes by where we don’t see someone with their head down and phone or laptop in hand. Humans have created their own virtual reality, and this zoo knows it!

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Instead of complaining, the zoo has a sense of humor about things. They created a sign that from far away looks like a normal and every day notice. However, when you peer into the hole, you realize what the animal sanctuary is trying to say. You see families and people talking, walking, and having fun! What a rare sight to behold! Visitors may even want to take a picture of this event. Scenes like these don’t come often!

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Signs of Truth

This zoo doesn’t like to mince words! It has some signage that lays it all on the line. All you need to do is pick which direction to start heading toward. They have all types of animals here. There are some that are going to scare your children. What type of animals could those be? It has to be something large and mean-looking. If that doesn’t draw you in, you could try animals that like to sleep. That sounds rather relaxing. Your kids may enjoy that, too!

Funny Zoo Signs 2

There is still more to see! Do you think you know what type of animals like to scratch in mysterious places? That sounds like a monkey or gorilla. Something that likes to have fun! Stinky beasts are last on the list. This could be anything! Animals aren’t known for their delicate smells. If you aren’t afraid to get dirty, you should head the way of the arrow. This hilarious sign definitely is memorable and helpful!

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Steak Dinner

This zoo is trying their hardest to keep their visitors on their best behavior. The tigers in their exhibit are wild and can do some harm if someone is not careful! Although many want to get close to the popular animals, doing so could mean lights out! Tigers aren’t huge and cuddly kittens. If you catch them at their worst, they could make you their next meal.

Funny Zoo Signs 3

So, what does the zoo do to ensure their patrons keep a safe distance? They create this funny sign to spell it all out for us! Tigers aren’t going to approach humans with caution. They are going to strike first and ask questions later! Your best bet is to stand back and take pictures from afar. It really isn’t the worth the risk to pet one of these ferocious beasts! Listen to the zoo!

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Snake Problems

When we see a large snake behind some glass, what is the first thing people do? Tap on it to try to get the slithering reptile to move! It must be some sort of reflex we have. Unfortunately, this zoo is right with their sign. For those who have knocked on the protective glass, you may be right around the corner of pure disaster!

Funny Zoo Signs 4

Just because the glass looks thick, doesn’t mean you or your children should bang on it with wild abandon. There is no telling if the glass is going to break, and then you could be staring head-on into the eyes of a poisonous snake! Don’t take that chance! If the glass shatters into hundreds of pieces, do you know what your first reaction is going to be? Most of us are going to run away from the mess that was created!

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Falling Deer

Yes, this is a real sign! Leopards are crafty animals that like to keep their food to themselves. When they kill their prey, they know that others are watching and waiting to steal some meat. So, they’ve come up with a plan of action that entails carrying their food up into the trees! Deer must be the popular food for the large cats. The innocent animals are easy to kill and eat.

Funny Zoo Signs 5

There must have been many times in the past where a leopard is done eating and just leaves the remaining deer carcass in the trees. One swift gust of wind and the deer meat can fall straight down! If someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time, this could mean a huge catastrophe in the making. No one wants to know how it feels to have hundreds of pounds of fresh deer meat fall on their head!

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Cuddling Goats

This rule should be common sense. If you are at a petting zoo, don’t take it up and notch and carry the goats! They may look cute and cuddly, but they are not meant to be placed in our arms! This top tip must have been put in place when one too many visitors thought to do the unthinkable! One wrong misstep, and you and the goat could go tumbling onto the hard ground.

Funny Zoo Signs 6

Not only that, but you may spook the animal, and it could take a nice bite out of your skin or face! Is that a chance anyone wants to take? Just stick to petting and feeding the farm animals. If you want to carry something, try a dog or cat! They were meant to be carried! This zoo has no time to babysit! If you don’t follow their number one rule, you are out of there!

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Llama Punch

Who could do such a thing? Punching a llama should carry a large fine and some jail time! This zoo must have had their hands full with unruly guests. Llamas are docile by nature and couldn’t hurt a fly! Punching one of these guys is just plain barbaric! Take a look at that cute face. There is no way someone with any morals could hurt this guy.

Funny Zoo Signs 7

The llama in the picture seems to be reiterating what the sign says. It doesn’t want any trouble from the zoo’s visitors. It has a serious look that seems to say it wants everyone to read the sign before they approach its exhibit. Llamas are meant to be cuddled and enjoyed. Whoever has punched this animal in the past should be banned from here forever! How could you not side with this beautiful beast?

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Learn from Norman

We all need to take a quick pause and really let this message sink in. Norman only has nine fingers left because he made a crucial mistake. He decided to feed the monkeys at the zoo some of his lunch! Yes, the animals may look harmless, but they still have teeth that like to bite! You never know when they may choose to attack.

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That is why we need to keep our hands to ourselves. Never feed or touch the hairy mammals. They are meant to be seen and nothing else! As you can see from the picture, Norman is the only one who is sorry for what just transpired. The monkey on the left is laughing at his unfortunate situation. The animal can go on with its day; Norman can’t! Don’t let the zoo animals get the best of us!

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One Tall Bathroom

Have you ever seen a giraffe use the restroom before? Well, according to this zoo, their animals use the stalls just like other humans! Those ceilings must be something else! You should probably stay away from this bathroom. Who knows how messy it is in there if wild animals are using it. Keep walking and find someplace else!

Funny Zoo Signs 9

These giraffes must be civilized in this animal park. They can’t even go in the wild like their relatives do. How spoiled and pampered do they have to be? Hopefully, they don’t ask for too much else. If the zookeepers are giving the giraffes their own bathrooms, what is next? They may need fancy housing or maybe even something more unimaginable! Let’s give them this and nothing else. Otherwise, this zoo may be creating a huge monster that is not going to take no for an answer!

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