Hydroxycut Horrors: Inside the Recalled Weight Loss Drug

Hydroxycut. You may have never heard of it, or you might take it every single day. But what is so great about Hydroxycut? Does it work? And what are the side effects? Read on to determine if taking Hydroxycut is right for you and discover some other weight loss drug alternatives if you are set on losing weight with the aid of a drug.

What is Hydroxycut, Anyway?

Hydroxycut, as a brand, is a diverse range of herbal supplements marketed as weight loss aids (technically, an appetite suppressant!) The main ingredient in many of these supplements is Robusta coffee extract, with the “Powerful Weight Loss” supplement line also containing green coffee extract for an extra boost of caffeinated energy.

The studies that Hydroxycut cites, (which they need to do to maintain “clinically proven” status), saw that when combined with a low-calorie diet, users who took the main ingredient in Hydroxycut, Robusta coffee extract, lost almost double the weight that the control group did. Although that was just one study, Hydroxycut does offer reviews from customers. Many of these reviews praise Hydroxycut for the weight loss they received– but many of them do champion exercise and a calorie deficit diet alongside taking the supplements.

The Hydroxycut website only encourages taking Hydroxycut for around two months– sixty days, because of potential complications that arise when you ingest the drug for too long. Admittedly, for every review praising the medicine, another couple reviews say that it doesn’t work for them– so, consider taking it for a while, in conjunction with reduced calorie diet and exercise, to see how it works for you.

Hydroxycut also has apps and coaching to help you reach your fitness goals. The Hydroxycut app, which is available on both the iTunes Store and Play Store, offers a place to track meals, water exercise, and your dosage in one convenient location– for the optimal overall fitness experience.

What Do People Like and Not Like About Hydroxycut?

Reviews on the GNC website, Amazon, and the official Hydroxycut website tout the appetite suppressant qualities of Hydroxycut, increased energy, feelings of fullness, and eventual weight loss. Some people, however, were less than pleased– citing heartburn, jitters, and slow progress– so use at your discretion. If you are sensitive to caffeine, this may not be the product for you, as caffeine plays a massive role in the “regular weight loss” line, and especially so in the “powerful weight loss” line. Other health concerns come in the wake of Hydroxycut’s 2009 removal from the market following worries of permanent liver problems.

Health Issues and Hydroxycut: Inside the 2009 Market Removal

If you do a quick google search related to Hydroxycut, or even search “Hydroxycut” on WebMD or PubMed, you’ll find plenty of media coverage surrounding the 2009 recall of 14 Hydroxycut products related to 23 injuries, the death of a 19-year-old man, and countless other cases of jaundice and other liver problems. In the wake of a Food and Drug Administration press conference explaining the simple association between the supplements and the health issues, Hydroxycut voluntarily recalled all products and launched in 2010 with a new formula. This unique formula has, so far, had reasonably favorable, healthy results.

There was some uncertainty about what ingredient (out of the laundry list of parts) was responsible for the liver issues, which led to the company’s scrapping of nearly all of the ingredients in the original formula. However, a quick PubMed search still reveals that there are still heart and liver problems associated with the supplement– most of which are exacerbated by dehydration. If you do plan on taking Hydroxycut, make sure to stay hydrated– for both you and your liver’s sake! Hydroxycut also is linked to cases of mania, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and a handful of other varied illnesses– making it a bit of a gamble if you don’t take it as directed.

Weight Loss Alternatives

If you still have your heart set on the use of a weight loss drug but aren’t sure if Hydroxycut is for you, consider other supplements (or do it all on your own, all-natural, with just a reduced calorie diet and exercise!) Other weight-loss supplements that work by reducing your appetite include Hum, which is marketed primarily to women (and recently was FDA approved,) Leanmode, Phoenix, and Pulse, all of which you can purchase at GNC, Amazon, or through another online retailer. Supplements that reduce the amount of fat your body intakes, like Garcinia Cambogia, are also alternatives. Other supplements like Meratrim, which claim to increase fat burning, are popular alternatives as well.

Overall, Hydroxycut is only as healthy and safe as you make it– if you take as directed, pay careful attention to any side effects, and use in tandem with a healthy diet and exercise, they may help you with your weight loss struggles. But be warned– take these pills not as directed and you may experience some health issues.

Do you have any suggestions for how to take Hydroxycut, or a favorite weight loss supplement you’d like to recommend to others? Let us know in the comments below!

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