How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Sometimes working out can be hard – even before you hit the gym. In fact, the best intentions, like setting up an early alarm or stuffing in training sneakers into your bag may not just be there to psyche you up for the upcoming “grueling” session. The truth is every workout day won’t feel like a fitness fairytale, so this isn’t something to feel harsh about.  Plus, it’s totally fine to sometimes skip the workout. In fact, the extra time taken to recover may further spur you to quickly reach your fitness goal. Remember, you’re only spending 20-60 minutes of your day on working out, and it doesn’t have to be every day. So, why not try to break those mental barriers and sweat out the dust.

It is actually called working out for a reason, right? – You need to just show up and do something if you hope to get results.  Here are foolproof ways to get motivated to pack your bags and get to the gym even on those days you don’t want to;

Clear Off “Should” from Your Dictionary (And Your Mind!)

By telling yourself you “should” workout, you’re completely losing track of your reasons for working out- most importantly on dreary days. You have to find a strong reason behind your passion to work out. So, switch over from “should” to “I want to.” For example, “I want to be a part of this race,” “I want to finish off this goal,” or “I want to stay stronger”. These reasons are strong inspirational igniters.

Workout Motivation 1

Strike a Deal with Yourself

Feeling reluctant for the day’s workout session? Tell yourself you’re not doing much today. And that’s it. Say something like, “the thing is, I’m not going for my full workout today, just a cardio warm-up is enough and am done”. Chances are, you’d do a full workout when you get to the gym.

Put on Your Workout Clothes

Yes, you heard that right. Don’t think about it, just dress up.  At least you won’t plop yourself on the sofa after getting dressed in your training clothes. Wear something that looks good and gives you that “wow” feeling whenever you put them on.

Write Down Your Feelings After Each Workout Session

Get a little journal and write down how exactly you feel after each session. That way, you can flip through again and reflect on those beautiful moments anytime you’re feeling less motivated to workout. Generally, we all love to skip our workout because we’re busy, tired, stressed and boxed up in numerous activities. But when you eventually work out, you’ll probably write down words like: “I feel so elated, I am really happy I completed today’s workout, now I have much energy!“ Isn’t that true?

Mix up Your Workouts

Sometimes, it may not be tiredness – you might just be bored. That’s why you need variety. Don’t practice the same workout every time. Mix them up. Today, you can go for a bike ride or just a run. Tomorrow, you can practice some bodyweight training – with the six pack app or go to YouTube for a workout video session.

Grab a Newbie Friend

When you’re not just cut out for the stress, grab your best buddy who is new to working out. With this, you’ll be taking a break with a jog or an easy bike ride.  But once the going gets on, and the adrenaline kicks in, chances are, your energy level may amp up and the real deal begins.

Workout Motivation 2

Incur the Habit of Adding Your Workouts to Your Calendar

Try adding your workouts to your calendar. They are appointments to notify people that you’d probably be busy during that particular time.  If you don’t get your workout in, you may not be the best employer, employee, colleague, or significant other. You really need this ‘me” time in order to be the best for people around you.

Swim in the Ocean of Motivation

It is strongly recommended that you stay around people who motivate and inspire you to workout and reach your goals. Also, write down your motivational quotes and goals in open places where you can see them. It could be on your desk, bathroom at home, vision board, and even your phone background.  The secret is not getting motivated all the time, but consistently creating a motivating environment for you.

 Join a Workout Group

Working out in groups boost your sense of belonging. You’d have the chance to meet with friends and colleagues to inspire you through those discouraging exercises. Consider getting your group/team members together for an interesting sweat session. Get creative and strike up some fun competition with friends or colleagues.

 Stop Eating Unhealthy Foods

When you consume unhealthy, high-sugared foods, your body is being deprived of the quality energy it deserves. These foods make you feel lazy, tired, grumpy, and unmotivated! Plus, you cannot reach or harness your full potential with a less-nutritional food. You can whip up a delicious natural peanut butter and banana smoothie after finishing your session, or mix your favorite fruits and greens. Don’t forget the protein, either! Knowing you get this special treat is also a motivator.

And that’s all. Your motivation is not going to be around all day, so what’s important is to know how to treat it like a muscle. Even successful fitness coaches and professionals sometimes experience the “down” moments. This is okay and normal, but lacking the motivation is not okay. So, apply these tips and get back on track.

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