Holiday Gift Guide: Unique Last-Minute Fitness Gifts for All Your Fit Friends

Are you looking to get a last-minute gift for the fitness fiend in your life this holiday season? With Hanukkah well underway and Christmas coming up, here are some fitness gifts for everyone in your life!

The Gym Bro

You know the type– bulked, built, biceps as wide as his neck. But what can you get for the man who never skips leg day and is always carrying around a shaker bottle full of a protein shake? Read on for some helpful gift ideas for the gym rat in your life.

Fitness watches are always a good first start if they don’t have one already. Fitness watches which can range from $20 to upwards of $200 allow your gift recipient to track their steps, sleep, and sometimes even heart rate! With plenty of different selections on official company websites and online retailers like Amazon, you won’t need to leave the house to pick up this gift.

A new pair of earbuds are also great. Does your favorite gym rat have funky smelling headphones, or does he have headphones get slippery with sweat? Three words– sweat-resistant headphones. You can get a pair of these from Amazon and other online retailers, or pick them up at Best Buy and other electronics retailers if the gift is last minute. It might be best to check with him whether he likes over-the-ear headsets, wired in-ear earbuds, or a pair of wireless, Bluetooth earbuds before making your purchase.

A new pair of odor-resistant socks or a sweat-resistant T-shirt may also be an excellent gift for your guy. These are everywhere, box stores and online marketplaces alike.

Your Gym-Obsessed Fit Friend

The female equivalent of the gym rat, your gym obsessed friend, is up to date on all the newest detox and diet trends, can run a sub-six-minute mile, and lift pound for pound with the best of them. Here are some great gifts that’ll help her hit her personal best this year.

The tight cotton fabric of sports bras and running shorts make anti-chafe is a lifesaver in the gym! Anti-chafe, which can help to cut down on chub rub and the aftermath of too-tight sports bras, is available from box stores and online retailers. Pair it with a new sports bra or a new pair of shorts for the perfect gift! There is also a new anti-chafing stick, Footglide, what works with both tennis shoes and heels, making it the ideal gift for both the gym and work!

Another great gift idea is a specialty water bottle. Water bottles can come with pockets for her keys, infusers for fruit-infused water, or with blender attachments, perfect for the detox (or protein!) shake on the go.

A cute new pair of leggings is also an option. Whether you decide on sweat-wicking leggings, compression leggings, or leggings with pockets (yes, pockets!) a vibrant new pair of leggings will surely wake up anyone’s exercise routine.

The Outdoors-y Type

Probably the fittest, most versatile person you know, you would turn to them in any zombie apocalypse. After all, who else knows the woods like the back of their hand and regularly takes five-mile hikes? Keep your outdoorsy pals on their feet this year with some creative new holiday gifts.

Like the locking mechanism on skateboards, many pairs of ice cleats snap right on to any shoe. Ice cleats, which are lightweight spikes you attach to the bottom of your shoe, are perfect for the annual Christmas trip to the mountains or hike in chilly January weather! Although they are a specialty item, you can find these at major online retailers.

A lightweight hiking backpack may also be an excellent gift for your favorite outdoorsy type’s shorter hikes. Bright colored bags also help with visibility on trails, and can carry all the water your friend would ever need! You can pick these up at some sports stores and popular online marketplaces alike.

An emergency radio is also another great gift for your outdoor friend, especially those newer to hiking. Be sure to keep them safe with a small, hand crank radio that will give them access to important news about the weather or any other safety concerns!

Your Flexible, Vegan Yogi Pal

Between practicing ahimsa (the principle of non-harming) and getting to yoga class on time, life can be a struggle. Get some gifts that your favorite yogi will love this holiday season!

If your friend is getting started with yoga, try getting them the essentials! A new yoga mat (bonus points if it’s reversible!) might be just the encouragement they need to get more involved in the practice of yoga. A new yoga block to help with some advanced positions is also a great gift!

If your friend is a dedicated yogi, it’s likely that they’ll already have all they need to get started with the sport, so why not get them something neat, like a new pair of leggings? A lot of yogis also recommend a non-slip towel. A non-slip sheet allows you to avoid buying a new mat, and keep it your old yoga mat from slipping!

Buying gifts for your fit friends can be hard, but get something that matches with their sport and their personality for the best fit. Are there any gifts on this list that you are considering buying? Do you have any last-minute fitness gift recommendations for the community? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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