Have a Healthy New Year(‘s Eve)

With Hanukkah and Christmas now behind us, the new year is now right around the corner! Whether you go to a club, a house party, or celebrate at home, here are some tips on how to ring in the New Year as healthfully as possible.

If You’re Hosting the Party

If you drew the short straw and now must host the New Year’s Eve party this year, you should consider your food spread as soon as possible!  Any food options that you don’t need a fork or plate for are perfect in the setting of a New Year’s party. Who wants to sit down and eat if everyone else is chatting or dancing?

Instead of the traditional potato chips and dip, try a veggie tray or other quick, healthy snack. A New Year’s Eve party is also the perfect time to bust out some healthy cheese fondue, shrimp paired with a light shrimp cocktail, or some yogurt covered cranberry treats.

There are plenty of healthy versions of cheese fondue recipes out there and for a good reason! A little bit of cheese in your diet can go a long way. Cheese contains a healthy dose of calcium, one of the nutrients Americans are commonly missing out on in their diets. The health benefits of cheese along with the benefits of pretzels, vegetables, and anything else you decide to dip makes some fondue a healthy, festive treat on New Year’s Eve.

Shrimp, consumed in moderation, are a healthy addition to many holiday meals! They’re low in calories, high in protein, and provide essential nutrients, like vitamin B12. And with plenty of light cocktail sauce alternatives, shrimp make a healthy addition to any New Year’s Eve party!

Cranberries are another seasonal favorite that makes an excellent addition to any New Year’s Eve party. Besides just being useful to urinary health, cranberries are also dense in vitamins C, A, and K. Cranberries are also rumored to prevent bacteria from binding to teeth, making them a great aid in dental health. Cranberries are lovely on their own– but combined with yogurt, a source of protein, calcium, and magnesium, cranberry treats are a healthy seasonal snack to have at any party.

If You’re Attending a Party

If you’re not hosting a party, but attending one at a friend or family member’s house, a bar, or a club, here are some things you can do to reduce your overall caloric intake.

Eating a meal before you go out for the night is helpful not only in cutting down on snacking but in preventing a hangover the next morning. If you haven’t eaten a meal before heading to a New Year’s Eve party, you’ll be more tempted to snack on the available junk foods to satiate your hunger instead of eating healthy. Eating a meal also helps with your inevitable New Year’s Day hangover. Having a full stomach, especially after eating a meal with high-fat content, allows your liver time to break down the alcohol instead of flooding your liver with it. The resulting decomposition process helps you almost skip the morning after hangover.

Picking out mostly healthy snacks, but eating the fatty or sugary options in moderation is also important. You don’t have to entirely avoid food in your quest for health, but make smart choices about what you do eat. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and cheese are all everyday healthy snack choices at parties!

Staying hydrated when you’re at parties is also great for your health. Not only will you more than likely skip the inevitable hangover, but you’ll also help your body cleanse itself, you’ll be more likely to lose weight, and you’ll have more delicate skin. Your entire body will thank you for going one-for-one with your alcohol!

Being smart about what alcohol you do drink while you’re out is also a healthy thing to consider. Light beers, white wines, and light liquors are all more comfortable on the body. Just one serving of the seasonal favorite, champagne, is 95 calories, 1.6 grams of carbohydrates, and 0 fats, making it a healthy choice.

Limiting your alcohol consumption, if possible, is also a huge factor in weight loss and health. One glass of champagne may be 95 calories, but a whole bottle is a whopping 570 calories.  By drinking in moderation, you will not only avoid the nasty feeling of a hangover, but you also can enjoy alcohol while still losing or maintaining weight.

Are you excited for the new year? Do you have any healthy snack or drink recommendations for a New Year’s Eve party? Let us know in the comment section below!

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