Healthy Food Substitutions for Every Aspiring Cook

Sustenance substitutions are something that bread cooks and home gourmet specialists have been doing since the beginning of time. From allspice to heating powder to yeast, there are books and sites devoted to helping you cook that dish without an outing to the supermarket. Regardless of whether it’s to get in shape or to eat the foods that you cherish while battling with food allergies, here are nine food substitutions to remember next time you’re in the kitchen.

Ground Turkey

Rather than the high-fat contents of ground hamburger, which numerous researchers have related to an elevated danger of heart disease and other illnesses, take a stab at ground turkey! Ground turkey additionally has much fewer calories than ground hamburger, making it a diet-friendly alternative.

Greek Yogurt

One of the handy tools to keep in the kitchen, you can use Greek yogurt to substitute for the sugary yogurts so readily available, or even instead of mayonnaise! If you decide to use Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream, use one cup of yogurt and a newly crushed lemon for that sour-cream-esque tang.

Zucchini and Spaghetti Squash

If you are searching for the soul food-feel of spaghetti without the stomach-turning result? You can use two zucchini and one spaghetti squash as a gluten-free substitute for spaghetti noodles. One spaghetti squash makes somewhere between two and three servings of noodles.

Seltzer Water and Citrus Fruits

Need to kick that pop propensity but don’t have enough cash for trendy, soccer mom drink of choice LaCroix? Try seltzer water and a cut of citrus fruit! Lemon, limes, and oranges all work like a charm. You’ll be cutting expenses and macronutrients in no time with this hack! 


From breakfast dishes to healthy, hearty suppers, quinoa can be a healthy, sans gluten option. Rather than oats, take a stab at making quinoa with milk rather than water. A spot of cinnamon and a couple of minutes later, you have a phenomenal complex carbohydrate with large amounts of protein, fiber, and iron. Searching for a substitute for the fluffy couscous that is a staple of salads or side dishes? Try quinoa!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A favorite substitution for the health fanatics in our midst, you can use additional virgin olive oil instead of margarine, canola oil, or even vegetable oils! Be mindful of it while cooking, however, as it might give fried and pan-seared foods a weird flavor and unmistakable aftertaste.

Garlic Powder

A primary method to give a punch to any supper, garlic powder can satiate your salty desires without any of the sodium. Garlic powder goes amazingly on meats, plates of mixed greens, and almost every other tasty dish. You can find it with and without added salt if you want a pack a bit of that iodine punch.


Rather than adding refined sugar to your coffee, oatmeal, or cereal, why not add cinnamon or any other spice? Cinnamon packs a cancer-preventing punch while additionally spicing up your espresso. Cinnamon can even go over popcorn rather than margarine for another extraordinary punch of flavor. Besides, it tastes incredible in your favorite cereal with a bit of pumpkin pie spice!

Skim Milk

If whole-fat milk is a daily routine for you, attempt to substitute dairy kinds of milk entirely for plant-based milk like soy, almond, and rice. Here’s a dependable guideline: More plants, fewer animals. Still reluctant to give up that cow’s milk? Try to drink skim milk, at the very least!

Have you attempted any of these substitutions or have any more to share? Let us know!

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