Healthy Breakfasts: Quick and Cheap Breakfast Food

Looking to satisfy your hunger before you head out the door? Check out these quick, filling breakfast foods before your next busy morning!


Eggs, by default, are some of the cheapest, most filling options for breakfast foods out there. Whether you boil them and slice them to add to a breakfast salad, scramble them and add them to a tortilla, or cook them over easy with some toast, the possibilities are almost endless. In a rush? Try whisking two eggs in a bowl, and then popping them into the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute, giving them a quick stir, and then popping them in for another minute for some quick and easy scrambled eggs! Eggs are also a great breakfast food because of how filling they are. With nearly six grams of protein, make eggs part of your next rushed breakfast!


Smoothies are some of the most natural breakfast foods to make. Chop up some fruit (or veggies!) of your choice and then toss them in a blender with some yogurt, juice, ice, or any other base. After a few seconds of easy blending, voila, you have a quick and easy breakfast smoothie! You can toss a quarter cup of rolled oats into the mix if you want a more traditional breakfast. Smoothies lead to increased digestion, an easy route for you to get all your daily servings of fruits and vegetables and are super quick and relatively inexpensive to make if you purchase frozen fruits and veggies!


Although we don’t usually think of toast as a health food, toast made with fortified whole-wheat bread that has a fatty spread on top, like peanut butter, avocado, or an egg, can be a cheap, comfortable, and filling breakfast! The type of bread you use to make the toast is essential– fortified food, which contains critical nutrients and minerals like iron, vitamin B-12, and selenium that you need, and whole-wheat slices to get a healthy serving of grains.  The healthy fat on top, like peanut butter, eggs, or avocado, helps you get the extra nutrients that you need for healthy fats, making this grab-and-go breakfast staple a healthy breakfast option.

Is there anything that you will buy to stock your fridge with breakfast foods? Let us know in the comments section below if there is an article you’d like to see!

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