Healthy Alcohol Tips to Keep You Partying on This New Year

Anyone who’s ever had a few too many drinks before the New Year knows how hard it can be the next day. Start your year off right with these healthy tips for drinking at your next party. 

Alternate Your Drinks

Washing down every alcoholic drink with water can help you stay hydrated and avoid a lasting hangover. Keeping a cute water bottle close by if you’re at home, and ordering glasses of water if you’re out drinking in public are great ways to stay hydrated. As a general rule of thumb, try drinking eight ounces of water after every alcoholic drink you consume. 

Space Out Your Drinks

If you’re going to be drinking all night, try to spread out your drinks. It takes the female body an hour, on average, to metabolize an alcoholic beverage, so try to drink your alcoholic beverages far apart from each other! Setting an alarm on your phone for 45 minutes or an hour can help keep your drinking in check! 

Have Dinner First

Eating before you head out can help you stay hangover-free the next morning! Having something in your stomach can help your body metabolize the alcohol quicker and more efficiently, making a hangover less likely. It’s also a great way to pass the time before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve!

Skip Drinking Games

When you’re playing drinking games, it can be hard to keep tabs on how much alcohol you’re drinking. Skipping any drinking game (or playing them with non-alcoholic drinks instead) can be a great way to wake up the next morning feeling great! Instead of playing drinking games, try other party games instead. 

Try Low Sugar Drinks

The sugar content in mixed drinks can contribute to your hangovers. Not getting the simple syrup in your Moscow mule, getting seltzer water instead of tonic water in a vodka tonic, and cutting back on your mixed drinks altogether will save you some headaches in the long run. If you’re looking to slim back on calories and you’re drinking beer, try light beer– your diet isn’t worth a night out. Red wine is also a great option. It’s high in alcohol content and antioxidants, making it.

Don’t Try to Keep Up

Americans thrive on competitions: keeping up with the Joneses, always on the lookout for the newest cell phone, and matching shots at the bar. Don’t feel like you have to keep up with anyone while you’re drinking, though. You have your alcohol tolerance and your own ability to metabolize liquor–don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. As much as it can be fun, and a challenge, matching someone shot-for-shot isn’t worth a nasty hangover. 

Consider the Types of Alcohol

If you’re avoiding a hangover, sipping on a drink with lower alcohol content, like beer, can help you get the most mileage out of your party. Taking shots, drinking sugary mixed drinks, and drinking copious amounts of wine are all sure-fire ways to get hungover. Try choosing your alcohol accordingly before you start drinking.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Have you ever heard the phrase “sleep drunk?” Not sleeping can exacerbate any side effects that come with a hangover. Sleeping off any alcohol use is the best way to treat any adverse side effects that accompany alcohol consumption. Getting the recommended eight to 10 hours of sleep after a bender is a great way to get back on the road to recovery.

Want more tips on how to keep yourself healthy? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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