The Healthiest Diet in the World

New diets come out each year that can supposedly help us to be healthier. But what about going back to the tried and true methods? Certain cultures are healthier than others. So why not look to the healthier ones for how the rest of us should live. For instance, the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea are some of the healthiest in the world in terms of longevity and low rates of heart disease and cancer.


Diet is of course not the only factor in living a long and healthy life, but it sure is a big one. So if you want to be healthier and decrease your risk for cancer and heart disease you may want to look into the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

The easiest way to organize your new diet is to take a look at the pyramid. You can easily find this image online and keep it somewhere convenient to remind yourself.

The bottom of the pyramid is something that we all know we should be doing: physical activity. If you have a healthy diet, but you never exercise, you may not see the results you want for your health. The combination of the two is key.

The next level of the pyramid contains things that you should eat every day. These items include nuts, beans, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, olive oil, and legumes. This is the healthiest part of the pyramid so it should be eaten the most frequently.

The next level is fish and seafood. These should only be eaten once or twice a week. Then we move on to animal products such as eggs, cheese, and yogurt, which shouldn’t be consumed more than once a week. And finally at the top we have meats and sweets. These should really be avoided and only eaten on special occasions or not at all.

This diet may not be the easiest for people to follow especially if you’re used to eating meat at every meal. But remember you don’t have to change all at once. Taking small steps towards a Mediterranean diet means you’re getting healthier every day.

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