Health and Fitness Boom Pushed Health And Exercise Science To Top of Academic Major Listings

You’ve probably heard by now about the giant shift in the health and fitness market. What was once a small market, dominated by the YMCA and Nike sneakers has turned into a world of boutique gyms, athletisure, and spin classes. Everyone is getting in on the action, with tech companies releasing lines of wearables, luxury clothing brands releasing exercise clothing lines, and startups releasing new fitness technology. Even schools and universities are getting in on the action.

In Inside Higher Education, a report that chronicles primary selections across the country, three of the top four majors, Exercise Science, Nursing, and Health and Medical, were all health and fitness related. Exercise science graduates, in the last 14 years, have made up 100,000 of the millions heading into the workforce. From 2004 to 2014, the number of graduating exercises science majors grew from 182,280 to 280,080. Other top paying majors in the top ten included the likes of computer science, engineering, environment and conservatism, and math.

With an exercise science degree, you would make a mean of $39,000 per year, or around $18.15 per hour. If you work in rehabilitation science, though, you could make up to $49,000 per year. The trend is visible in all settings–rural, urban, Northern and Southern. Some jobs you could get include traditional ones, like personal trainers and sports coaches. Other tasks, like sports therapists and exercise physiologists, are jobs that you could get with a degree that people wouldn’t think about. Some careers require a master’s degree. Master’s degrees are in fields that include Kinesiology, Exercise Science, and Exercise Science and Wellness.

Are you looking to get a health and fitness job? Do you have any questions about health-related topics? Let us know!


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