Health and Fitness Awards, Weekend Sleep, and More

A bombshell study that shows hitting the snooze button on weekends is bad for your waistline and a tabloid’s awards series were both big news last week. Both were big stories on social media, and each had an impact on the lives of the health and fitness community. Want to know more? Here’s the scoop on the health and fitness news you missed last week.


HollywoodLife’s Health and Fitness Awards

HollywoodLife, a smaller online tabloid-style news outlet, recently held their inaugural health and fitness awards. Unlike a traditional glamorous awards show, HollywoodLife conducted their awards show in a series of articles. Each day last week, they released a new list of their favorite things–be it fat-burning exercises, healthy snacks, or gym bag essentials. The products all were accessible for any price point, making it easily relatable for anyone!

Stop Hitting Snooze

Probably the bigger of the two stories, this research study conducted by Dr. Vsevolod Polotsky, a sleep researcher at Johns Hopkins, examined the role of “catch up sleep” on regulating blood sugar. The study found a troubling link between sleep deprivation and overeating and discovered that “catch-up” sleep on weekends was not an effective way to help regulate blood sugar.

In the written documents accompanying the study, Dr. Polotsky expressed his concern that poor sleep schedules could lead to or exacerbate metabolic syndrome, or an array of different ailments that puts you at a higher risk of heart disease or diabetes. In the brief linked to the study, he writes that, “short, insufficient sleep schedules will lead to an inability to regulate blood sugar and increases the risk of metabolic disease in the long term.” Want to stay healthy? Sleep for the same amount of time, even if it’s an unhealthy amount, every night.

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