Gratitude Gives Back

November is a time not only before the Holiday season shopping preparation but also of getting prepared for the big feast at the end of the month. Though you might have tunnel vision when it comes to getting the perfectly sized turkey for the family or choosing which dessert to make for the kids and which to make for the adult table, the truth of the matter is, that you have to remember the reason for the season.

There’s a reason why Thanksgiving has that name. It is a holiday where you are meant to look back on the past year and think of the good people, events, and things that have been in your life for the last 365 days and give thanks. Though you might think that this is just a tradition to teach your kids to pass on to their kids, it is so much more than that.

Not only is giving thanks something you should make a tradition of at Thanksgiving, it is also an important gesture that you should learn to do daily, or at least on a normal basis. This is also a great practice to teach your children, so they can pass it on to their children, and so on and so forth.

Giving gratitude is not only a great idea to help you become a more positive person, it also helps you re-center and re-balance yourself within your life to not focus on the negative aspects that life throws at you. Above all, showing gratitude can positively benefit you as a person, in your life emotionally, spiritually, and actually, physically.

To give you some more reasons why you should be giving thanks not only this Thanksgiving but more often this coming season, here are our top five ways that showing gratitude is beneficial for your health.

1.Gratitude Brings down Your Aggression Levels and Ups Your Empathy.

If anything can reduce the amount of stress in your life, it definitely should be something to look into. Being grateful on a regular basis can make you less negative, and therefore reduce stress and aggression. This cannot only benefit your health but also help you socially and in the workplace. Having less stress, aggression and being more at peace with yourself can also help you sleep better. That might explain why some people have gratitude journals that they write in every night before bed.

2.Being Grateful Can Help Improve Your Mental Health.

Countless studies have shown that those who have been “forced” to talk or write about things that they are grateful for have had a significant amount of positive difference to the control group when comparing their mental health and well-being scores. This means that feelings of gratitude can actually have a positive effect on your overall mental health, and even if you are struggling with mental disorders.

3.Gratitude Helps You Establish Deeper and More Relationships.

Whether it is with your spouse, your friends, or new friends that you haven’t even met yet, being grateful for the little things in a connection with another person, can improve that relationship, and therefore improve your overall health. If you have ever heard the saying, “Happy wife, happy life”, you know what we’re talking about. Not only between marital spouses, however, is this the case. Even saying thank you to a stranger who holds the door open for you, or a worker who has helped you, might not only spark a new friendship but can also keep your life and connections with other people more pleasant. This entire situation, in turn, can help increase the value and mood of your life.

4.You Actually Get Healthier.

Kidney function, a reduced blood pressure level, and lower stress levels related to hormones are all health benefits of being grateful. It is also proven that your levels of energy increase and your heart becomes stronger. This can also be connected to the fact that people who are more grateful tend to take care of themselves in a better way. This can mean that they feel better about themselves, so they are less likely to smoke, drink, or engage in deteriorating activities.

5.Your Overall Positivity Can Make You a More Resilient Person.

This gratitude that you implement in your everyday life can help you develop a resilience and a positive outlook on life. That means, that when you are introduced to difficulties in life, you are more likely to surpass them with an overall good attitude. With a grateful outlook and being naturally more positive, you can bounce back easier from negative situations.

Instead of focusing on preparing the perfect dinner, although that is always, extremely important, try to use these next few weeks before Thanksgiving to develop a sense of gratitude. Whether it is keeping a journal, saying them out loud with your family, or keeping it to yourself, the important thing, is to start.

Leave a comment below and let us know a special way you that you show your gratitude. Write a promise to create a sense of community and accountability to follow through with your new routine to show gratitude.


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