Getting Through the Holidays Stress-Free

The holidays are finally upon us. Though this, for some, might mean fun family gatherings, fun winter getaways, and spouse romantic getaway vacations, for others it means levels of stress through the roof, dealing with hard-to-get-along-with family members, and emptying your wallet for planned and unforeseen costs.

Keeping yourself sane might look different from person to person. Some might resort to overdosing on sweets, alcohol, or even, unfortunately, drugs. Others may try to keep their habits “healthy,” but can go overboard with exercising, dieting, and controlling the things that they can control.

If you‘re worried, cringing when you think about your past on how you’ve dealt with holiday stress around this time of the year, then we have good news for you: there‘s still time to change.

We have some ideas for you to help you get through the holidays this year without losing yourself. There are some surefire ideas to ensure the best ways for you to get through this time of the year as stress-free as possible.

1.Make Things Fun, and Don‘t Take Life so Seriously

Yes, the holidays are serious business, especially if you‘re hosting. However, just know, you are most likely having family, friends, and loved ones over and together. Even though we know, unfortunately, that it‘s usually not the case, they should be the least likely people that you have to “dress to impress.” There‘s no point in putting on a show for others that love and accept you the way you are.

In this hint, we would like to simply say, “Don‘t sweat the small stuff.” Can’t you get the pie as golden brown as you would like? Is cousin jimmy refusing to sit at his place at the kid‘s table? No problem. Be flexible and if everything isn‘t looking exactly as you planned it to, don’t freak out. This is just unnecessary stress.

2.Be Able to Say “No”

If you are as popular as we think you are, you’ll be invited to a multitude of gatherings, dinners, parties, and festivities this holiday season. The trick to keeping those stress levels down is to realize that you don‘t necessarily have to say “yes” to every single event. Making other people happy is not that important as keeping yourself sane.

Take the chance to politely decline those that just cannot seem to fit into your schedule, especially the ones that you really don’t even want to go to.

3.Get Your Sleep, Eat Well, and Make It Through

This not only helps you stay healthy because of good habits that you keep throughout your life, no matter the circumstances, but can also help you stay strong to make it through until New Years, or God forbid you to have a family member‘s birthday shortly thereafter.

Not only should you, regardless of your to-do list, find the time to get in a full night‘s sleep (however many hours that means to you), but also try and fit in some exercise, and eat healthily. The more you sleep, the less likely you are to eat junk food the next day. You are also more likely to have the energy to workout the next day, which can get your endorphins up and overall increase your health.

4.Keep an Agenda.

However dorky it might sound, keeping tabs on all the holiday festivities you got going on is not a bad idea. Not only should you write down whose party it is, or the address of the shindig, you should also keep little notes for yourself stating important information, for instance, the present you already had in mind, or what the person‘s favorite dish is.

5.It‘s Not a Fashion Show

Though it is a rule of thumb, wearing your four to six-inch heels for every holiday party you go to is not a must. As long as you are happy to be there and have looked like you put in some sort of effort, it‘s not like you are going to be turned down or not allowed into a holiday party. Dress to impress… You.

The holidays can be a hectic time. Despite it being a wonderful time for family friends, it can also get the best of you. Try using these tips to help ease the stress and comment below on what your favorite tactic is to tackle the holidays!

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