Getting Fit In Time For Family Touch Football at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but instead of getting ready to compete to see who can toss down the most pieces of pumpkin pie, prepare yourself physically to win at tossing the pigskin around at the annual family football game. Let’s face it, October has come and gone, and choosing the non-revealing costume at Halloween had its perks, but hiding your physical fitness while trying to chase after your 19-year-old college cousins while bending over out of breath can be hard to hide.


You might have been one of the fittest ones in your family back in the day and just let your days at the gym slip by, but here’s your opportunity to get back in shape in time for the big game. You have a couple more weeks until it’s “do or die,” so don’t give your father-in-law another reason to grumble on about how his daughter shouldn’t have chosen the chubby one, even though you do provide financial stability.

To avoid going through another family argument this year at the annual Thanksgiving Touch Football game, get to training beforehand — we can call it a T-giving Preseason.

If fitness really isn’t your thing, do not fear, you can get into better shape than you are now, (because let’s face it, it isn’t THAT difficult) with just five simple exercises that you can do at home.

From the comfort of your own home, you can perform these exercises without any equipment and almost in no time at all. This makes it easy to prepare for your exercises and get them done every day with no excuse.


This core exercise works out the entire body and can be done by anyone, from extreme beginners to advanced marathon runners. This exercise is extremely important because the muscle groups that it works is essential for everyday movement, and especially for partaking in a touch football game. You want to have a tight core for juking out your sister’s husband before you go in for the touchdown.

This exercise can have variations based on time, and on position. You can do side planks (both sides), while lifting your arm straight out, and lifting the leg further away from the ground. You can also do a pulsing plank, where your hip descends downwards toward the ground in a repetitive movement while in a side plank. Challenge yourself with this simple, yet effective exercise.

Jumping Jacks

Even though it is seen as an ancient exercise, it still boasts its benefits. Not only are jumping jacks a good source for plyometrics, it is also a great source of fitness. Think jumping rope without the equipment needed, and you have jumping jacks. This is a great at-home exercise that one can perform to get their fitness level up and heart rate going. It also works out the entire body and gets you moving, which might not be possible in your home. With this exercise, you can’t make the excuse that you don’t have enough room.

Walk-Out Push-Ups

Since this exercise works on various levels of planes, because you are in a standing position then getting low to the ground, it means that your heart rate spikes and gets working on your fitness, as well as your strength and core.

Start with your body at a standing position, then lower yourself so your hands are based on the ground and you are folded at the hips. Walk outwards with your hands into the starting position of a push-up. Once you are there, perform the full push-up, and then walk your hands back to your feet. Keep your core tight and then roll back upwards into the full standing, original position.

This easy-to-perform exercise works on your core, as well as various muscle groups.

Lunges and Squats

These two are our four and five on the list of easy-to-do, at-home exercises. The two exercises work out different muscles in your legs and doing them both encompass most of the major muscle groups that you would want to workout. They are also exercises that you can perform with just bodyweight, which makes it part of an easy workout.

With lunges and squats, your knees should never pass the distance of your toes when you bend. In other words, if you look downward, your toes should always be visible. This helps align your body when you are performing these exercises.

If you want to get into extreme football shape, consider tossing the pigskin around as well, to work on your reaction and getting the feel for the ball. Though these exercises might not make you ready to hop back into your old college jersey and jump back into a game with the guys, you might still be able to take on your little, track-running, show-off sister. Leave a comment below on some of your favorite simple exercises to do at home, to help others get in shape before Thanksgiving!


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