Get That Youthful Glow: Healthy Skin Made Easy

If you’re struggling from acne, are starting to develop wrinkles, or have deep undereye bags, you know how self-conscious it can make you. First impressions mean everything, and it’s hard to make a good first impression if you’re self-conscious. Looking for ways to get your skin’s youthful glow back (or get it in the first place)? Keep reading!

Keep Covered

Sunscreen, long sleeves, or a floppy hat: keeping your skin under wraps is an integral part of skin care. Unprotected skin can lead to sunspots, an increased risk of skin cancer, age spots, wrinkles, and a whole host of other skin ailments. Sunscreen is the best way to keep your skin covered up and clear, with tight-knit clothing being the second-best alternative. If you are looking to protect your skin, avoiding the sun, especially between 10 am and 4 pm, is a great bet.

Don’t Smoke

Put down the cigarettes if you want good skin! Not smoking can help not only your lungs but your skin as well. Smoking depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients, making it pale and wrinkled. Smoking also leads to higher rates of squamous cell skin cancer. The mouth movements you must make to smoke also leads to wrinkles, especially around your mouth and eyes.

Treat Your Skin with Respect

Treat your skin gently. Using gentle soaps, detergents, and shaving creams can help your skin stay supple for longer. Additionally, limiting your time in hot baths and showers, which dry out your skin, is an essential part of keeping your skin beautiful and healthy. Instead of hot showers, try cooler showers, dry shampoos, or other hot shower alternatives.

If your skin is dry, moisturize it. If your skin gets oily, wash it with a gentle cleanser. Taking extra care when you shave your skin, especially in sensitive areas, is also an essential part of skincare. Using shaving cream and sharp, clean blades when you cut, as well as shaving while wet, are two tenements of fine shaving (and healthy skincare!) 

Eat Healthily

The cornerstone of nearly every health program comes back in full swing here. Eating healthy is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, healthy skin, etc. You name it, eating healthy will probably make it better. In particular, eliminating refined carbohydrates, sugars, and unhealthy fats to the best of your ability can reduce acne and keep your skin looking clear. Eating more fruits and veggies, as well as including fish oil supplements, can help you get rid of acne. Other vital parts of your diet to include are whole grains and lean proteins. Taking care of your food can help you take care of your skin. Drinking water can help keep your skin healthy, too. Staying hydrated helps your skin stay soft, wrinkle-free, and supple, which are essential aspects of any healthy skin.

Manage Your Stress

Staying stress-free can help you reduce your wrinkles and help you get the sleep that you need to avoid eye bags. If you’re stressed out, having a regular skin care routine that you do before bed can be a good de-stress tool (and can help you keep your skin clean and bright!) Other good de-stress things you can do for your skin include scented lotions, massages, and facemasks.

Get Enough Sleep

Another constant refrain of the health community is sleep. Sleep helps you avoid eye bags and sunken skin. Getting enough sleep can also help mitigate stress and keep you stress-free.

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