Get Super (Bowl) Fit

Did the excitement of the Super Bowl get you in the mood to hone your agility, running speed, throwing skills, or at least burn off those wings you inhaled last Sunday? Try some of the workouts trusted by some National Football League professionals! If you want to get ripped like the party boy Gronk, have a throwing arm like Tom Brady, or get the speed and agility of Brandin Cook, read on for some workout and fitness inspiration!

Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick

If you want to increase your speed, whether that is on the ice, in the pool, or on the field, try doing sled pulls like Brandin Cook! In a 2016 post to his Instagram, you can see Cook in two different images working out with sleds. Sled pulls, pushes, rows, chest presses, and everything in between are amazing for your agility, strength, and the calories that you burn! To find a place near you where you can do sled drills, try looking for regular gyms or even CrossFit boxes. If you want to buy one for your team or just yourself, they sell them everywhere from Dick’s Sporting Goods to Amazon, and usually, they range from 100 to 250 dollars for any mid to high range sled. If you want the same sort of resistance training, you can always just invest 11 bucks for a wind parachute, which should have a similar effect on the resistance training element of the sled while still being a tad bit cheaper.

Agility ladders, which are common at many gyms and are significantly cheaper for those of you fitness gurus who work it at home, can up your agility game. Although you may not turn into Nelson Agholor after one workout, using agility ladders and other similar exercises can definitely increase your deftness on the field.

Brothers in Biceps

Upper arm strength is also an essential factor in someone’s skill in the NFL. If you can’t use your upper body to defend like a linebacker, or in the case of a quarterback, sling the ball downfield, it won’t matter how fast or deft you are. Just like with speed, resistance training is the name of the game when it comes to developing Gronkowski-esque biceps. A resistance band is a great, cheap way to get started, but a rowing machine or lateral pull-down machine is a more high-tech, gym-friendly set of exercises if you want to make the most of your gym membership. NFL players, in social media friendly workout videos and released workouts, tend to extend their arm workouts beyond copious amounts of curls to include pull-ups, “landmine rows,” and even tricep pulls.

Rock Hard Abdominals

Probably the most overlooked part of an NFL athlete, abdominal muscles are involved in balance, full-body strength, and defense. Imagine trying to head a lineman (or even one of the cheerleaders on the sidelines) with washboard abs in the stomach. Even with a helmet, that is something formidable! Hanging leg lifts, “Russian twists,” and overhead medicine ball tosses (which are also useful in developing explosive overhead power) are all great ways to get started on the path to the abs of your dreams!

Never Skip Leg Day

And of course, last but certainly not least, comes the section on leg strength (yes, the part that you all were waiting for.) Most of the NFL-specific leg exercises are heavily related to explosiveness, as running backs need that explosiveness to break through tackles and deliver for their team. Some of these practices, most of which you can perform at home as well as in the gym, include a heavy dose of squats, lunges, burpees, box jumps, calf raises, and other more traditional exercises.

Are you ready to leap off that couch and into the NFL (or at the very least, into the gym?) Leave your comments on the Super Bowl, the exercises laid out above, or any fitness topics you would like to see discussed in the comments section below!

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