Get the Scoop: The Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world. While it gives you a jolt of energy, it also comes with a handful of excellent health benefits! Whether you prefer an Americano, a latte, or a plain old cup of coffee, coffee can help you burn fat, lower your risk of certain diseases, and increase your mental performance. Hooked? Read on for more!

It Can Increase Your Performance

Of course, many people who reach for a cup of joe in the morning do so because it makes them feel more awake. But did you know that the impacts of caffeine are more than the energy you need to get through the morning? Caffeine, which your body processes through the bloodstream before reaching the brain, can block the production of the neurotransmitter adenosine. In blocking adenosine, your mind produces dopamine, which can improve your mood, and norepinephrine (which can give you the energy you need). This combination of norepinephrine and dopamine can help increase your mental performance, focus, and energy. If that wasn’t enough, when your brain processes coffee, it releases epinephrine, which can increase your physical performance. For the best results, have your cup of coffee or latte around half an hour before you hit the gym.

It Can Burn Fat

Are you still working hard at those New Year’s resolutions? A cup of coffee might be your next best friend! Caffeine helps to increase your metabolic rate, making fat-burning easier. Combined with its increase in physical performance, a cup of coffee makes a great pre-workout drink.

It Is Nutrient Heavy

If fat burning, increased performance, and alertness aren’t what you’re after, listen up: coffee can also help you get your recommend daily amounts of nutrients! A cup of coffee has around 10% of your recommended daily intake of Riboflavin, vitamin B5, vitamin B3, and about three percent of your recommended manganese and potassium intake. While these seem small and insignificant, even two cups of coffee a day can work wonders for your nutrient intake.

It Can Help Protect You Against Disease

In addition to some of the other health benefits of coffee, it also may be able to help you protect yourself against diseases. Researchers have proven that daily coffee intake, even if one or two cups a day, lends itself to a nearly 25-50% lower risk of developing Type II Diabetes, a condition that afflicts millions worldwide. Some studies even show the risk reduced to a 67% lower chance. Studies have shown that for each cup of coffee you drink daily, you can enjoy a seven percent lower chance of developing Type II Diabetes.

The risk of developing other diseases, like Alzheimer’s and dementia, is also significantly lowered by drinking a cup or two of coffee every day. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and plenty of sleep, coffee drinkers enjoyed a 65% lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s, according to several studies. With Alzheimer’s being one of the leading causes of dementia worldwide, it’s not a bad idea to protect yourself the best you can from Alzheimer’s.

It Can Protect Your Liver

Your liver, one of the most important organs in your body, also benefits from your morning cup of coffee. Your liver helps digest and process food but is susceptible to diseases like Hepatitis. Prolonged, untreated Hepatitis can lead to cirrhosis of the liver. Cirrhosis occurs when your liver is entirely replaced by scar tissue, losing all function.  One study found that those who drink four or more cups of coffee per day have an 80% lower chance of developing cirrhosis of the liver.

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