Get Olympic Fit: What the Summer and Winter Olympians Eat

From the 8,000 calorie diets of Olympic swimmers to the handful of calories ballet dancers eat, different athletes all have different caloric needs. But what does your favorite Winter or Summer Olympian eat? Read on to find out what your favorite Olympians eat to perform, and get ideas for your healthy new diet!

Ryan Lochte

This Olympic swimmer, who is infamous for his reality TV show that aired a for just a season a few years ago and the recent stint in Brazilian jail during the 2016 Rio Olympics, reportedly consumes upwards of 8,000 calories in a single day. Lochte, who often documents his incredibly large meals on Instagram, is said to down Mountain Dew, wings, and pizza every Friday. When he isn’t celebrating with steak and wine after a big race, he consumes an estimated 1,700 calories for breakfast, 1,200 for lunch, and 2,500 calories for dinner, with the occasional snack of avocado toast or tofu sausage thrown in the mix. And his favorite dessert indulgence? Mint chocolate chip ice cream, of course!

Seth Weil

Seth Weil, a member of the U.S. men’s rowing team, doesn’t count calories. A typical day for him includes everything bagels, a kale salad, fruit salad, and a healthy smattering of humus. His diet is also made up of around 230 ounces of water, about 36 ounces of coffee, and approximately 50 ounces of Gatorade, as well as a healthy smattering of Altoids mints. Weil is also a fan of ice cream for dessert– his favorite ice cream is the mocha chip flavor from regional creamery Graeters.

Shaun White

Snowboarding legend Shaun White, who recently injured himself during training for the 2018 Olympic games in Peyongchang, has the most X Games medals out of any athlete, 10 EPSY awards, and two Olympic medals. But what does White eat to compete? In an interview with, he said he tends to be pretty good about eating healthy during practice, but says he likes to indulge in a big steak the night before a competition. After competing, he says that his favorite food to eat is Americanized Chinese food, proving that even the best Olympians need a cheat day now and then.

Caitlin Gregg

Cross-country skier Gregg, who was recently struck by lightning in a freak accident, trained for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi with her husband, Brian Gregg. Although neither of the Greggs will be competing in 2018, their meal plan was standard while they were training. While training for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the Greggs would consume recovery drinks, lots of eggs, salmon, flax, and fresh veggies. Caitlin Gregg specifically talked about eating lots of “good protein” in an interview with an interview with the magazine Cosmopolitan. Her favorite cheat snack? Apple pie!

J.R. Celski

This speedskater from Washington’s favorite snack during training is apples! Not only does he eat lots of the dietary-fiber abundant fruit, but he also talked about eating lean meats, lots of veggies, and protein shakes in a 2010 phone interview with The Uniter. After he competes, his favorite cheat food is Korean BBQ, a recent Instagram-worthy trend sweeping the nation. Look for Celski during the men’s speed-skating events, being held the last two weeks of the games!

Erin Hamlin

This three-time Olympian, a bronze medalist in the women’s luge singles, talks about luge being a “mass sport” in an interview with Cosmopolitan. Continuing the precedent of many of the athletes on this list, she has eggs for breakfast and a protein shake at least once a day. If you love pasta, then luge is the sport for you– Hamlin has pasta for lunch and dinner.

What was your biggest meal takeaway from the meals of these Olympic athletes? Are you considering adding anything that these Olympians eat to your diet? Let us know in the comments below!

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