Get That Early Morning Fitspiration: 10 Instagram Health Gurus You Need to Follow

Are you having trouble heading to the gym? Need a positive role model to look up to? Try following a few of these healthy Instagram gurus. These Instagram posters represent a diverse smattering of workout disciplines, mental health experts, dieticians, and more!


Gunnar Peterson (@gunnarfitness)

The man behind the Kardashians’ body goals, personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, is one great guru to follow. On his Instagram there are videos of him lifting, images and videos of your favorite celebrities, and a couple of personal photos, he gets you excited to head to the gym and make those gains! He posts often, too, so no need to scroll through and look for his newest posts.

Brene Brown (@brenebrown)

This author, professor, and artist is a great guru to follow if you’re looking for some fresh mental health posts. Her book, Braving the Wilderness, is a great way to unwind if you need some peace of mind. Some nice artwork, a beautiful image or two, and some personal posts round out her account.

Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach)

Delicious-looking meals, baby photos, and workout videos–all of the best parts of fitness, rolled into one Instagram account! Wicks has a cookbook that he occasionally teases and includes some of his killer recipes on Instagram. He’s also known for his “Learn it in 15” series–in a short, humorous video, he reveals a major cooking tip.

Recipes for Self-Love (@recipiesforselflove)

Another mental health account, Recipes for Self-Love has a unique style and quotes to accompany every post. Every post celebrates one aspect of mental health! Their pastel tones, with calming quotes and diverse models, can bring some new peace of mind to your feed.

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott (@toneitup)

This best friend duo, who founded a fitness community for women (Tone it Up!) might send you racing to the gym. From aesthetically pleasing posts and recipes to jaw-dropping transformations, this account is undoubtedly perfect to get you excited to hit the gym. They have an app, as well, for those dedicated individuals who grow to love the community.

Hannah Bronfman (@hannahbronfman)

Adidas model by day, fitness guru by night. Bronfmann, who occasionally DJ’s as well, has a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, with modeling shots interspersed throughout. Additionally, she shares workout tips and diet help for anyone looking for a little bit of fitspiration!

Anna Victoria (@annavictoria)

An Australian fitness guru and personal trainer, Victoria features healthy eating tips, workout videos, and before and after transformations. Her Instagram stories are helpful as well–they’ve got her favorite outfits, a Q&A, and meal ideas. Also, on her Instagram are cute dog pictures and sunsets, making for an all-around healthy, joy-inducing feed.

Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

Need some positivity in your feed? Yogi and author Jessamyn Stanley, a body-positivity activist and author of Everybody Yoga, is a great way to get some body positivity onto your feed. She’s worked with companies like Old Navy, so you know she’s legit!

Val Solomon (@busymomgetsfit)

Sometimes, you don’t have the time to get to the gym. Solomon, a mom of four and self-described “gym rat,” has an Instagram full of quotes, funny memes, and progress pictures to show her 38k fans. While her Instagram is full of information and tips you can use in your own life, her Instagram stories are where the critical information is!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (@therock)

From the silver screen to the gym, follow The Rock on his fitness journey. Outside of movie sneak peeks, interviews, and dinner posts, you can see snippets of his exercise routine and meal prepping, and he’s spoken openly about his mental health in the past. He also hosts a reality TV show focused on fitness, Titans, so you know he’s legit!

Have any other influencers you’d like to share? Leave a comment down below!

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