Funniest Dog Snapchats that Will Make You Howl with Laughter

Dogs are not only our best friends, but they’re also the funniest and most loving little guys and gals ever. For humans and our four-legged pups alike, what better place to be funny than Snapchat? Snapchat is the mobile app that lets you take pictures, then caption them, add funny filters and stickers, and share them with your friends.

Dogs can make anything funny. Whether they’re wearing funny outfits, being positive when everyone else can’t be, or getting caught in trouble, they’ll always find a way to make us laugh. Some dogs even “own” their own Snapchat account. The dogs of Snapchat will make your day brighter and make you laugh nonstop. Man’s best friend or Snapchat’s best friend? Guess we’ll have to find out!.

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Confidence is Key

It’s not always easy to be confident. Sometimes we don’t always feel or look our best. It’s hard to act your smoothest and coolest when you don’t feel it. Take a lesson from this funny doggo.

Even though his trip to the vet might have ended with a cone on his head, he didn’t lose his attitude and positive spirit. If you’ve been to the doctor’s recently, then you might know how hard it is to leave with a big old smile on your face.

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We all love a good Shibe. Shibes are not only really good boys and girls, but they are the quintessential meme dog. This pupper knows his strength and he’s showing it off with a sassy pose. It’s no joke that confidence is key with these dogs.

So maybe we should learn a little something. Whether it’s in spirit or body, we should learn to be confident with what we have because living good always starts with feeling your best.

These dogs are putting the band back together! Click ‘Next’ for a laugh!

Bad Dogs

These dogs are bad to the bone. They’re too cool for obedience school. Whether you’re a fan of the cute drummer chihuahua or the mysterious husky guitarist, everyone can be glad that these doggos are dropping their first album.

And what’s better than the throwback album art? The early 2000’s really was a different time. Let’s hope for another boy band.

This tiny pup is ready for battle. Keep Reading!

Sure, dogs are cute, but dogs in clothing are ten times cuter! This little guy is so tiny he fits in his owner’s beer koozie! What’s even funnier is that look of a hardened pooch who’s seen it all.

He’s definitely planning revenge on someone and he’ll be darned if he doesn’t get to that cookie jar by the end of the day. No more good cop.

This next dog is happy and all in the name of science! Click ‘Next’!


I don’t know about your dog, but my dog hates bath time. This kiddo is for sure happy to get some time to relax in the water! Labradors are of course, one of the happiest dog breeds.

It hardly matters what you do for them, they’ll always be thankful, whether you’re giving them a bath or making them a part of your next science experiment. Wear your safety googles!

Thought that lab was happy? Keep Reading to see the hilarious face a German Shephard makes when he sees a…rake?

Do you remember playing in the leaves when you were a kid? No matter how old dogs get, they’ll always be babies and they’ll always be looking for a chance to play.

This autumn doggo loves getting the chance to play in the leaves! It’s fun, colorful, and messy! Have you ever seen a dog more excited than this? I think not.

Click ‘Next’ for the details of this next pooch’s crazy heist!

Food Fight

He’s a pup with a plan. He’s got his eyes on the slice. If his owner won’t give him a piece, he’ll have to get one himself. While dogs are eternal babies, they are definitely not stupid.

Not only can dogs learn a lot of amazing things, but they can come up with calculated plans if they really want something. Next time you’re eating, put your pizza up on a higher surface.

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Who doesn’t love food? This operatic pooch does and when he’s not eating it or begging for it, he’s singing about it. Kibbles, cookies, treats, and table droppings are all fair game.

Besides, who doesn’t need to have a Whitney Houston moment every once in a while? Don’t lie, you’ve had at least two.

Dogs need to find love too! Click ‘Next’ for these goofy dogs looking for romance.

Dating is for the Dogs

Dating is hard and getting a date is even harder. It’s hard to tell who’s interested out there. It’s a big world and our soulmate has got to be out there somewhere. Social media makes the awkward scene a little easier.

If you have a Tinder, then it’s fairly easy. Just start swiping. All you need is a killer profile pic and boy does this pup have one. He’ll have the all the single dogs barking in no time.

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This husky is a heartbreaker and a heart stealer. Dogs can honestly win anyone’s heart. Dogs are adorable and sweet, but this husky is smooth.

Maybe we can all learn a bit from this Casanova. Start by improving your wink. It always helps, or at least, that what this Husky recommends.

These dogs take perfect and hilarious pictures! Click ‘Next’ to laugh your paws off.

Picture Perfect Pooch

Some dogs are extremely photogenic, like this fluffy pup who knows just how to hold the Leaning Tower of Pisa up, no problem! Most humans can’t even make this look natural!

Most dogs are photogenic, but we need this dog to get a modeling contract! Someone knows how to sit, stay, and hold.


A dog with a face only the filters can love. Keep Reading!

Snapchat’s face filters are everything and you can actually use them on your pets too! This hilarious and distorted pooch is to funny for words to describe.

And he has no idea. He looks so happy and blissfully unaware!

Click ‘Next’ for a magic trick you can try at home using two Labradors and a pool!

Gone Fishing

No, you’re not looking at a new breed. The water is playing tricks on you! While dachshunds are already silly pups, there’s something hilarious around these two Labradors looking as if they’re too short for the deep end.

Next time you take your pup swimming, try this out for hilarious results.

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We all want our kids to be safe. When they sneak out, our minds wander to the worst conclusion. Are they going somewhere dangerous? Are they doing stupid things with their friends?

Then we find them, just like this German Shepherd, doing the most mundane stuff. It’s wholesome, but why even bother running away?

Click ‘Next’ for some very good boys and girls that are behaving their best.

All Dogs go to Heaven

This cutie is waiting patiently in line behind stuffed animals for his turn to get a snack.

Some snack-stealing, fence-jumping dogs like to defy law and order and others abide strictly by it. And all in the name of his daily cookie!

Keep Reading for any dog lover’s dream bus ride!

Do you remember the 1989 classic All Dogs Go to Heaven? Because I do. That movie gave me nightmares as a child. Luckily these dogs are here to make a live-action family friendly third movie, or so we hope.

While we wait, I’m buying a bus ticket right now.

Don’t bring this dog out into a windstorm! Click ‘Next’!

Gone with the Wind

If you have long hair, then you know this struggle. The wind is blowing strong and your hair just does not want to cooperate. God forbid you walk away from the wind or you’ll look like a mess and lose your vision.

This dog knows that struggle one-hundred percent, but unfortunately, she’s got a lot more hair than we do.

A dog goes out on a drive and discovers amazing technology. Keep Reading!

Other long hair problems? Sticking your head out the window. It feels amazing, but is it worth the mess?

This dog doesn’t care, nor does he seem to notice that he’s lost his eyesight. He’s gone into warp speed—one small step for canines, one giants leap for pooches everywhere.

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