Four Top Budget Apps To Help You Keep Track Of Your Spending

here are few things more important than keeping track of your money. As the old saying goes, money is slow coming in but quick going out. One small cost after another can eat away at your bank account and leave you penniless without you even knowing it. The key to avoiding this is attention. You need to pay attention to what you’re taking in and what you’re spending. This hasn’t always been an easy process, but with modern applications, the key to financial health may be in your pocket right now.

Today there are many applications on the market that make budgeting as painless as possible. The hardest thing about creating a budget on your smart device might be choosing the right option. There are dozens of applications available for iOS and Android device that claim to be the best.


In terms of name recognition, it’s hard to beat Mint. This app is probably the biggest there is. Developed by Intuit, the company behind programs like QuickBooks and TurboTax, Mint is both an app and a website. This means that users can manage their budget on their computer and their smart devices, with information shared painlessly across platforms.

The Mint application is very visually pleasing. It’s designed to make it easy to visualize your budget. Insert your personal data and see your expenses transform into easy to understand graphics like pie charts and graphs. Set financial goals and watch to see how your actual spending matches up. Mint can even act as a helpful assistant, sending you reminders through the app or over email to show you how you’re doing or alert you of overspending.

Mint has plenty of features. It doesn’t just allow you to set a budget; it helps you find out your credit score, track your spending, and pay your bills. Mint is the sort of app that can assist you with every step towards financial security.


Many people have messy finances because their data is scattered all over the place. It’s common for a person to have multiple banking accounts, checking accounts, and investment portfolios. Finovera seeks to combat this issue by bringing together all your essential accounts in one place. If you sign up for Finovera, you can easily import and streamline months’ worth of information in just minutes. With this powerful app, you can put together all of the pieces of your financial puzzle and understand your budget like never before.

When choosing a budget keeping app, it’s essential that you find one that is safe and secure. Finovera knows this, which is why they use 256-bit encryption to keep its financial data safe. They’ve been Norton Secured so you can trust them with your most valuable information.

Level Money

Just hearing the word budget is enough to give people a headache. The thought of dealing with a seemingly infinite series of spreadsheets can drive people to avoid dealing with their finances. The people who designed Level Money understand this, which is why they’ve tried to develop an app that makes it as easy as possible to keep track of your income and spending.

After imputing essential financial data Level Money gives you simple but powerful financial advice. It will tell you how much you can spend on daily, weekly, and monthly levels. Level Money doesn’t have the bells and whistles that some apps do, but this can be a blessing. This app allows users to focus on the fundamental principle of budget management, spending less than you take in and saving the rest.


Managing money can get complicated quickly as you add in more and more sources of storage and income. MoneyStrands is designed to bring together your different accounts in a safe way. You can connect your bank and credit card accounts to see what money is available to you and then set your budget accordingly. Budgets can be as simple as money out and money in or they can get granular. Organize costs into categories like groceries, clothing, transport, and any other group you want to track. MoneyStrands lets you bring it all together, organizing your finances so you can actually understand them.

One of the unique features offered by MoneyStrands is the ability to anonymously compare your finances with others. It’s taboo to talk about finances in your daily life, but it’s incredibly important to see how other people budget so you can learn from them. Tell the app a few things about yourself, and soon you’ll see how people in similar financial situations make the most out of their money. With MoneyStrands you don’t have to budget in the dark anymore.

Choosing the Right App

When it comes to choosing an app to manage your budget, there’s no one-size-fits-all option. Each app has its own advantages and drawbacks. If you already use other Intuit products, then you might find Mint to be the most attractive choice. If you’ve struggled to keep up with your scattered financial material, then Finovera might be what you need to clear up your life.

If you’ve tried other options found them to be too complex, then Level Money might be just the ticket. The most important thing is simply finding an app that is trustworthy and putting it to use. These apps simplify the process of making and keeping a budget, but real financial health requires diligence. There’s no day like today to improve your financial standing, and these apps are here to help.

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